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I’m Bored….

Chuck - Red's Army October 9, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on I’m Bored….


There's absolutely no Celtics-related news out there. While I guess I could preview tonight's preseason matchup with the Knicks…I've decided to post pictures of the Celtics and Knicks dancers instead.





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  • Mr West

    Seen Nate Robinson and some rookie downtown shopping, i know its only pre-season, but it was good to see players walking around downtown again…

  • Feel free to be bored at any point in any day.

  • Yeah, it’s great to have bball back. I am going tonight and very excited myself. Even though “it’s only preseason”, this will be the 1st game I’ve been at since last year’s loss in Game 7 to Orlando. I also love the Garden because you can just let loose there. I had a really stressful week at work and will be releasing all of it on the Knicks tonight!!! YEAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!