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Slim Perk is more nimble

Media day - perk 2

The Celtics stormed out of the gates last night and made it clear in the first 8 minutes of the game that they're going to be pretty good this year. 

KG looked like his same old self, minus a little bit of his explosion. 
Pierce and Ray made some familiar looking strong plays on offense.
Rondo calmly set the offense and made a couple of plays on defense.
And Kendrick Perkins was moving a little more quickly than I remember.

Slim Perk was one of many hot topics in last night's live blog.  And I've gotta say, I like what I see.  He started the game riding a player from the elbow to the baseline without allowing him to get past him… and Perk ultimately forced the turnover.  It was a kind of lateral movement that I didn't expect, and can be directly attributed to the lighter load.

Perk then made a block that even the guys on the broadcast thought might not have been possible last year.  A player beat Garnett baseline and went under the hoop.  Perk's momentum was going towards KG to help on a trap.  But when the player showed up on the other side of the hoop, Perk quickly recovered, switch direction, and got his left hand over to make the block.  It was a quick change of direction that I found impressive.

There are legitimate questions about whether Perk's lower body weight will cost him against stronger centers like Dwight Howard and Shaquille O'Neal.  I think that diminishes Perk's defensive ability.  Perk didn't handle Dwight because he had 15 pounds that he doesn't have now.  Perk handed Dwight because he had good position, kept a good base, and used Dwight's momentum against him to force him further away from the basket. 

Sure, you need mass to handle someone else with mass.  But it's not like Perkins lost a ton of muscle and is coming back looking like Mikki Moore.  He's a 7 footer.  Dropping some bodyfat is going to add up for a guy like that. 

Perk still has plenty of muscle.  And he's still got plenty of defensive ability.  He's got enough to body up the big boys.  And now he's got enough to keep up with the smaller boys that might invade his painted area. 

Perk is quicker out there, and I think it's a very nice, unexpected development that's really going to help the Celtics this year.

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Thanks to everyone for last night's live blog.  We had a huge turnout.  In fact, we had twice as many people for this live blog than we did for game one of the Magic series.  We really appreciate the interest and the participation.  It was a great time.

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  • You keep saying the over and over that you’re worried about the “nimble” perk on dwight howard…why? Howard is quicker and more athletic, i see no reason perks new size wouldnt actually help against dwight..
    although, with shaq you are , maybe old perk would defend him better

  • JD

    Clearly you misread the article, because he was arguing that Perk would be fine against the Dwight Howards and Shaqs of the world.

  • “There are legitimate questions about whether Perk’s lower body weight will cost him against stronger centers like Dwight Howard and Shaquille O’Neil. I think that diminishes Perk’s defensive ability”

  • Just put up a new poll (on right sidebar). Grade KG’s performance.

  • I think the concerns over Perk’s lower body weight diminish his actual defensive ability.
    Maybe I should put it another way:
    Saying Perk being lighter hurts him against bigger guys is like saying he’s not that good of a defender, and his bulk is the reason why he’s handled his business. The fact is, it’s his defensive ability that helped him handle those guys… and the 15 pounds doesn’t really matter.
    I’ll look at it again. It’s possible I wasn’t clear. It’s hard to think clearly at 6 am after 5 hours of sleep.

  • aaron

    hey, you guys didnt mention hudson. he got to the stripe a lot in the game…didnt watch it but he must have been driving a lot…thats a good sign.


    Shaquille O’Neil? it’s O’NEAL for goodness sake! and it’s SHELDEN not Sheldon Williams. This misspelling players names is driving me nuts.

  • A thousand pardons your majesty. Like I said… Sometimes I miss things when I write up fresh content for you at 6am before I go off to my actual job.
    Please… don’t flog me for my misspelled words.