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Maybe Marquis CAN handle the point

Let's just start with the perpetual prefacing of all conclusions right now:  We know it's early… so nothing is set in stone.

But with that said, you can find a few indicators of how guys play to shed some light onto what they're really going to become.  Like with Perk: instances of added displays of quickness indicate that carrying less weight will be beneficial.  And with Chuck: instances of constantly berating and humiliating our interns indicate that he's always gonna be an insecure douchebag.

And when you're looking for signs that someone is capable of handling the point guard position, you want to see that he recognizes what's happening on the floor quickly so he can find the open man.  I saw that from Marquis Daniels last night.

In this video, Marquis does a couple of things:

1:  He sees Trevor Ariza turn his head completely to Rasheed Wallace in anticipation of the pick and roll.  Once he sees that, he knows that Trevor is over-anxious and ready to fight through the pick.  Ariza's momentum is already setting up to go over Sheed's pick (notice the two shuffles of Ariza's feet as he's ready to slide past Sheed)…. so Quis goes the other way and has Ariza easily beat.

2:  Marquis sees that Scola recognizes Ariza is beat and slides over to cut off the baseline.  As soon as Quis sees that Ariza is scrambling to recover and Scola is coming over to cut off the baseline, he knows Sheed is open.  He gets Sheed the ball and Sheed buries the 3. 

This all literally takes two to three seconds.  It's impressive that he recognized what Ariza was doing and went the other way.  A lot of guys who are new to a team would still try to execute the play as it was designed.  But Marquis broke the play knowing that he could get the same result.  Smart.  You can see why guys are raving about his basketball IQ.   The only thing that could have been better about that was the pass… which was too high.  That's just a matter of being more comfortable with exactly where Sheed will pop on a play like that. 

In the end, Daniels took advantage of a pretty good defender to set up his teammate for a bucket.  He did something similar later in the game when he took the ball up the floor, drew the defense, and kicked it to Eddie House who buried a 3.  Doc said afterward that Marquis had that play set up from half court because he recognized the matchups.

It's little things like this that make you see what the Celtics have been talking about.  They're signs of a player who can read defenses and matchups and take advantage of them. If that's not the key quality of a guy who can handle some of the back-up point guard duties, then I don't know what is.

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  • Lex

    Good piece.
    Now in the history of the nba, who is a marquis daniels type of player?
    Two of us are officially stumped.
    My problem is thus:
    I only know Celtics players, championship team players, and non championship players from the 70s and 80s. Thus, if you said, hey, you idiot, anthony parker is just like this guy, I’d say, oh, I don’t know anything about him.
    My best: Stacey Augmon.

  • Lex

    And augmon is a terrible comparison.

  • Lex

    He gonna be a tall backup point if Ray or PP is out there as the 2.

  • Spiraea

    Wow, you guys were kidding at how Mikki Moore-esque he looks with #7 and the hair

  • This is a joke right? That play you posted on the video is so basic that I’ve seen 3rd/4th graders make that kind of decision. Your honestly going to say he can play point guard after a pick and pop situation where he simply passes it to sheed. Please tell me your fucking with us

  • This is a joke right? That play we posted shows Marquis Daniels recognizing how the defense is overplaying something, making a snap decision, drawing the defense, and hitting an open man.
    It wasn’t a pick and pop. He never used the pick. He broke the play. That’s my point.
    And I said up front that nothing is set in stone. This is an indicator that shows me something.
    So if you’re going to come in here shooting your mouth, be sure that (a) you know what a pick and pop is and why this isn’t one and (b) that you understand the tone of the post.

  • Ok, no more putting ‘Quis and Mikki in the same sentence-NO MAS. I really agree w/this post, and all of the Celtics have stated throughout camp that the one thing that stands out about Marquis is his high basketball IQ. He’s quiet, doesn’t talk shit-jsust goes out and executes. As far as a player to compare him to, I’d have to think about that. He is a very versatile and unique bballer-KJ comes to mind a little….

  • I think Daniels has some ability to make plays, but that’s not what he’s known for given his career statistics. The guy has a lot of turnovers in the years that he’s picking up assists:
    2.8 assists
    1.6 turnovers
    2.1 assists
    1.7 turnovers
    I don’t know if that’s the kind of role I’d want him to play, but if the Celtics can find a way to shore that up, all the power to them.

  • hahahahah wow this is hilarious. hahahaha. this post was actually serious. I don’t understand how you think this makes marquis capable of playing the point. If he hadn’t gone right by his man in this situation we would be questioning why hes in the nba. After reading this post i am no longer going to follow this site. I do not want to read something that someone with this low of a basketball iq is posting.

  • Oh boy.. here we go. Lemme guess… you played varsity basketball in high school or something, right?
    Look dipshit… the post is pretty fucking clear. We’re looking for signs that the guy can help at the back up point. Quis made the right read, broke a play, and got it to an open man after drawing a double team. Guys who aren’t looking to distribute the ball wouldn’t do what he did in this situation.
    If you’re too stupid, or arrogant, to see what he did there… or what the point of this post is… it’s not my fault. I’ll be happy to have you fuck off.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I don’t think this is a high IQ play at all.

  • idaho jim

    wait….you guys have interns?

  • That play posted is a play just about every wing player in the NBA can make, and has no bearing on whether or not he can play the point guard position with any succesful frequency

  • No, it’s a joke.

  • yes, other guys can make the play. And it’s not an overly spectacular play. But my point is that it shows he can recognize situations where he can get his teammates the ball.
    Again… I point everyone to the beginning of the post where I say we’re looking for indicators of what people can do. We’re not making definitive, final calls on what a player will be based on one preseason game.
    But that play showed me the ability to recognize a situation, take advantage of it, and find an open teammate. Therefore, Daniels showed me a sign that he can handle the ball and find open teammates.

  • what are you talking about? “Guys who aren’t looking to distribute the ball wouldn’t do what he did in this situation” His guy was on him what else would he have done? Forced a bad shot? If anything this play was a display of poor defense of ariza trying to jump the screen, it says nothing about marquis playmaking abilities. Are you blind or are you watching a different clip than me?
    You also say in a later post. “Therefore, Daniels showed me a sign that he can handle the ball and find open teammates.” He literally took one dribble and made a basic pass. Are you baked right now or just dumb?

  • And I also referred to the play where he took the ball up the length of the floor, drew the defense, and kicked it to Eddie for 3. It’s not ALL about that one play.
    And yeah, a lot of guys WOULD take the jumper. They had their man beat, they could pull up without worrying about Scola blocking the shot. It’s not a horrible shot.
    Are you always this douchey? Do you get off on playing the internet tough guy?

  • KY Celts fan

    I like you, Red.

  • thanks!

  • mic

    I understand what your saying with this post. The nba is full of dumb ass players that think if i am open and so is sheed then heck i may as well take it.. those guys make shite PGs.
    Of course this post does not address other issues like ball pressure etc etc
    nice post imo

  • steve

    Did you watch the game?
    Doc said he thought Marquis was the best player on the floor. He played really well, and he did it mostly at point.
    He had the most assists on the team for the night (5).
    His passes were really nice. He was doing a great job initiating the offense. I’m not really sure what your angle is.
    Doc has straight up said he was going to play point/point forward… I feel like he has a better knowledge of the game than, well, you.

  • steve

    in retrospect, you probably should have posted the kick-out to house.

  • I would have loved to. I didn’t record the game and I couldn’t find it on YouTube.

  • thanks… and you’re right, it does not address ball pressure. I’ll take a closer look at that when he’s pressured.
    Thanks for understanding that this is just a post about small indicators… not a be-all, end-all about his abilities.

  • *sigh* please read my posts before you go and pretend like your smart. This ONE play doesn’t mean shit. I’m not saying marquis cannot play point and that he shouldn’t. I’m saying that this ONE particular play didn’t demonstrate any characteristics that would allow me to think he can play point guard. He made a very basic play that any wing player in the nba can make.
    and as for red…if theres one thing I hate its a hypocrite. Your saying that I’m being an interent tough guy? Go ahead and read some of the stuff you responded to me with. I’m tired of the stupidity of your responses and having to repeat the same common sense facts is getting to be a bore. Your ignorance is quite entertaining though. It takes a man to admit when hes wrong, I think I know what im dealing with now…