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Lamar Odom photographed smoking weed?

Lamar smoking
Courtesy: Sports By Brooks

Could Lamar’s basketball career go up in smoke? At a Labor Day
house party in Malibu, the Lakers forward openly lit up and — puffed
away! “You could smell it — it was definitely marijuana,” and insider
claims. “It was really strong! Lamar was smoking and sharing the joint
with other people.”

In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow.

I'm not gonna blast someone for smoking weed.  But if you work in a profession where that's frowned upon… like, say, professional basketball player… you might not want to do it around your new reality-show friends.  Chances are good there's a camera or 10 around

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  • BigMck

    Is there any doubt Odom will disappoint Lakers fans this year?

  • is this a lakers website?
    who cares!!!!

  • wow.
    Why can’t we have fun at the Lakers expense? What’s the big deal?

  • Tollbooth Willy

    He dipped into Phil Jax’ stash.

  • Because its such a constant around here, lakers, lakers, lakers….do as you please, but honestly i dont care personally

  • Lee in Oregon

    If he has a medical card (gotta love Oregon & Cali!), he’s completely legal and within his rights, suck on that D Stern.
    The whole “candy-freak show” thing is starting to make sense though.
    Go Sox!

  • Alex

    If you personally don’t care, then stop bitching.
    Lakers are our rivals so it is fun to have fun at their expense. If you don’t like it, then ignore it or go to a different Celtics blog.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    This dude went to URI and was one of the biggest potheads on campus. Looks like he never quit!!

  • That says a lot. I’ve been to URI… I know the potheads on that campus

  • I dont really care if they are our rivals or not, talking and posting about them around the clock is just petty…im not concerned nor worried about anything lakers

  • do you have something against weed?
    do you honestly think noone on the celtics smokes it?
    I bet more do then dont

  • Oh…and did it take this pic to really grasp that Lamar is a huge pothead? slow?

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I’m with ya. I fuckin hate L.A. and everything about it.

  • Danno

    How about this… the site will cut down on the Lakers talk if you cut down on posting so much.
    You’re like that little kid in the neighborhood who is somebody’s little brother who just NEVER shuts up.
    Run DMC even wrote a song about you back in the 80’s.

  • KY Celts fan

    Dear lord, Ruins. Do you seriously only open your mouth to criticize? Because that’s all I ever see you do on this site.

  • mvpierce

    YOU KNOW PAULIE SHEED AND QUISY BLAZE…I think it was actually proven at one point that sheed def does and paulie whats up with your voice and eyes over the past years lol

  • Jason

    Though I wouldn’t say it the same way, I’m mostly in agreement with Ruins: too much Lakers. The Celts have 82 games this regular season. Just TWO of them are against the Lakers and last I checked neither are conference or division games. I don’t give a fuck if the Lakers win all 82 games and when the teams meet in the Finals if all 6.5 billion people on the planet pick the Lakers to sweep. It doesn’t f’ing matter one iota. The Laker attention now is meaningless and definitely overboard. Just as it doesn’t matter what others think of the Celts, what we think of the Lakers, on the court or off, means just as little.
    When the Celts are a game or two away from playing the Lakers, THEN they warrant attention. IF both teams make it to the finals, THEN they warrant attention.
    We all already have our opinions on the Lakers set in stone. Kobe is an immature, selfish, fake, megalomaniac, my-own-teammates-despise-playing-with-or-even-being-near-me rapist. Gasol’s a filthy, ugly, Euro-trash softy. Bynum spends more time being hurt and trying to be famous than being a productive or improving player despite already being crowned in La-La Land as the next Kareem. Odom’s a pot-smoking, candy-scarfing airhead. Artest is certifiably insane. Sasha is as much a girl as his name suggests. Everyone else is just plain lame. And they’re all so stupid they stupidly get caught every time they do something stupid they shouldn’t be doing like being near a camera when you have a playmate on your shoulders when you are supposedly rehabbing a knee injury or when you are near a camera when you decide to smoke up. Are we all in agreement? Can we move on now?

  • Nathan

    For real huh

  • Nathan


  • boring

    just like last year right?…oh..wait…

  • redStoolsArmy

    that was fantastic. i just came.

  • We’ve done about 40 posts this week. Of those 40 posts, 3 have been Laker-centric.

  • I second that.

  • The occasional anti-Laker posts will continue. End of story.

  • Cool Danno, cool.
    We know your insecure self cant get enough of the idiotic laker talk. why are we so worried about the lakers? why the fuck does it matter what there players are doing? who gives a flying fuck, if there wasnt any posting about them, maybe I wouldnt be so annoying

  • Orb

    See Ruins? That’s all you had to say.

  • Danno

    any way you can limit Ruins IP to one post per thread? or Per day?
    All the guy wants to do is fellate Rondo and spout off all kinds of uninformed nonsense anyway.

  • We’ve been taking shots at the Lakers since day 1. That’s part of what we do. We don’t sacrifice any Celtics news to do it.
    Bottom line: We fucking hate the Lakers. We revel in anything that remotely comes close to making them look bad. That’s part of what a rivalry is about. You love your team, and hate the other team.
    If you don’t feel the same way about the rivalry… that’s fine. I know not everyone does.
    But we do. That’s part of what this site is built on. Our fanatical love for the Celtics… and our fanatical hate for the Lakers.
    So we’re going to keep doing what we do… cuz that’s what we’ve always done.

  • thetitleisours

    No wonder he eats all those snacks 😉

  • G4L

    I would like to thank TotheRuins. He always entertains me. I might not always agree with him, but he always has an opinion, usually against everyone else, but its always a well thought out opinion. Thats what this is all about.. Voicing your opinion.
    Plus ToTheRuins got all of you to chim in. Keep the comments going!

  • I’ve got nothing against weed. I say legalize it. I’m sure almost everyone on the C’s smokes weed. The point here is that Lamar is dumb enough to get caught on camera with it (allegedly)

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    What Celtics fan doesn’t get crushing the Fakers anyway possible?

  • Danno

    Getting people to chime in because you annoy the shit out of them isn’t really good for a blog trying broaden it’s appeal and be accepted by the Celtics or the NBA as a viable NBA news outlet.
    This is like saying it’s entertaining to puke on the corpse at a dead person’s wake, because it gets everyone yelling and screaming.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    The important term here is “ARCH RIVAL.” I cannot understand how any sport fan gets upset about talking smack about your favorite team’s ARCH RIVAL. I say any chance RedsArmy gets to talk smack about the lakers is worthy of my reading time.
    Not to mention we have just gone through too many months of nothing basketball oriented to write about…what else is there to post up? Besides the ladies, of course.

  • Double P Reppin the B


  • Bingo.
    90% of what we do here is Celtics. Maybe more. We post Lakers stuff how often?
    Look.. Celtics fans are generally NBA fans. Interesting NBA tidbits will get posted. Things that change how good our competition is will be posted. And any shots at the Lakers will be posted.
    Fuck… people need to relax. We’re having fun here. We’re not changing the world… we’re being douchebags for your entertainment.

  • G4L

    Your analogy is a bit off, but hilarious! Listen I’m not defending ToTheRuins I think he does a pretty good job of that by himself, But he always has a different “EDUCATED” point of view so I respect that. Thats all I’m saying.
    & in my opinion this sites “material” speaks for its self. Its a one of a kind site that mixes up to date news, fun, girls, comedy, bashing, & analytical breakdown & more all in one to make it a Viable celtics news outlet. So I really don’t think people chiming in voicing positive or negative opinions is bad for this BLOG. But hey thats just my OPINION.

  • ThaTruthIsSpoken

    Well I’ve been a long time visitor to the site, not because I’m a celtics fan, but because im an NBA fan and theres more NBA news here than Celtics news.
    Mr. Reds Army – you say that the only reason you post Laker news is because of the rivalry and you wanna make the Lakers look bad. ORRRR is it because, if you notice every one of your laker posts gets the most comments and most traffic meaning that the lakers draw attention because theyre a team most people love. The celtics are just your average boring old guys trying to win one more title before their career ends. You really think adding Sheed is going to make your team better? KG can barely run and once the season gets more in depth and body are banging and hurting more, mark my words KG will go down again. Then you got Pierce who is being overplayed like crazy by Doc Rivers and same with Allen who has no defensive abilities or any other basketball related abilities besides a 3 pointer or free throws. Then you have quite possibly your most talented player in Rondo, whom believe me will NOT be a celtic all his life. Sheed will keep picking up technicals like crazy and thats basically your whole team. Oh ya perk and baby too, but I’ll leave their numbers to speak for themselves.
    On the other side you got the greatest player in the world Kobe Bryant, a very dedicated and hard working Pau Gasol who is one of the top PFs in todays league. You got the crazy nut but defensive expert Ron Artest, the very versatile Lamar Odom coming off the bench, and the rest is history. Oh ya also the lakers have the best coach to ever coach in ANY sports league, Mr. Phil Jackson. Good luck to you leprachauns, and may KGs knees last more than 2 weeks for you guys.


    Honestly i dont care about this pic but all i can say is i hope i will never see the comments saying “WHY are laker fans here? trolling bla bla bla

  • Orb

    Similarly, the bottom line is also that Ruins is a curmudgeon that adds a bit of pessimism/realism (depending on your point of view), which occasionally makes Danno snap and beg that he be banned, which then leads to 45 meta-posts about posts, usually ending with some idiot Laker fan chiming in semi-literately. It’s like clockwork, and all part of the great entertainment on this site that keeps me coming back. Keep doing what you do, everyone.

  • Lakerhater

    Never stop what you guys are doing, its a great mix – Celtics news and analsis, copius amounts of laker hate and ridicule and last but not least boobies. Who the hell needs espn?
    I sympathize with Danno, seeing a post from ruins is like getting a phone call from your mother in law, I’ve come to appreciate him, he makes me feel less retarded each time he posts.
    And as to ther original subject of this post, how would you like to be Odom, blazed out of your mind and have to look at Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery mutilated face and not go into hysterics. Couldn’t do it personally.

  • Jason

    Occasional, sure. And maybe they’ve been occasional, but feels like it’s been constant. And maybe that’s only because the Lakers keep saying and doing really stupid things. I’m just saying, for me, I like informed analysis and discussion much more than tabloid insult flinging.
    Plus it only attracts the Laker trolls more, as if they don’t already spend too much time trolling here. They’re the only thing I hate about the NBA more than the officiating. What does it say about your life when you have nothing better to do than to go to another team’s site just to spout off meaningless, annoying nonsense. Plus they just won (without going through the Celts btw) and still have some inferiority complex. What’s their problem? Get some Botox if you still don’t feel good about yourself, as if you had anything to do with that championship in the first place.
    Btw, I haven’t seen any news outlets pick up this story, which I will grant is newsworthy. I mean, c’mon, it’s Mr. Kardashian, a good player on a top team in a major market in the NB-freaking-A caught on camera smoking pot amongst 700 of his closest friends. Why have they avoided reporting this?
    Lastly, I’m sure it wasn’t apparent in my previous post, but of the 3 Celts blogs I even bother with, I frequent RedsArmy the most. My point is the Laker-bashing is low on my list of reasons for frequenting RedsArmy. Just one patron’s input.


    Oh yeah correct me if i`m wrong but this it really matter if LO smoked weed i mean josh howard last season admitted that he smoked some weed and i don`t remember him getting any suspensions

  • Thanks Jason, I appreciate the feedback. John and I would love to provide serious basketball analysis all day and every day, but there just isn't the time in our day for that. It's much easier to crack a few jokes about the Lakers. And even if it includes some Laker posts, we pride ourself in updating the site frequently.

  • another tim.

    i second orb. and big mck and john. i fourth danno.
    i would be a little pissed if all the celtics players talked about was the lakers, but as a fan, i love taking time out of my day to laker-hate. thank you red’s army for being a part of that.

  • Lee in Oregon

    You guys (u know who u are) are acting like a bunch of pussies…..especially u Laker idiots drooling all over Kobe. This is a BOSTON CELTICS site, if cant deal with it, cry somewhere else. Dont u ladies know how frickin lucky u were to play the poodles last year? Cheapest finals win ever, enjoy the * .