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Dwight Howard’s new TNT ad

It's fun… and isn't that what we're all about?

(bonus points to the person who can identify that reference.  Hint: it was said by a current member of the Celtics)

(Via BDL)

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  • Ken

    Fun Police. The commercial starred Garnett but I believe it was Cherokee Parks who actually said the line after Garnett scolded them for roasting marshmallows.

  • Shit.. I think you’re right about Parks saying it.
    I was looking for that ad on YouTube and the only one I found was the one where Parks was getting grilled. But they changed the words. It’s the one where they get on him for being too white… and he says “what about Googs… he’s white too” and Tom Gugliata makes a run at him.
    They took out the white reference. It was funny.

  • Shaq is the real Superman. Sorry-had to throw a litte hate at our conference rivals…or semi-rivals at least.

  • Ken

    The Googs one is awesome. Now that I think about it, Parks was getting grilled and I believe it was Keith Van Horn who said the it’s fun line. I am now 99.9% sure of this.

  • Right.. because it was saig by a member of the fun police.