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NBA GMs: Not As Smart As You Might Think polled 30 GMs about the upcoming season:

Which team will win NBA Finals 2010?
1. Los Angeles Lakers 60.7%
2. Boston Celtics 17.9%
2. Cleveland Cavaliers 17.9%
4. San Antonio Spurs 3.6%

Which team will win the Eastern Conference?
1. Boston Celtics 50.0%
2. Cleveland Cavaliers 42.9%
3. Orlando Magic 7.1%

Which team will win the Western Conference?
1. Los Angeles Lakers 75.9%
2. San Antonio Spurs 24.1%

While I'm not surprised the Lakers are the favorite to win the title, I am surprised they are the overwhelming favorite. 

Magic get little respect in this survey (cue the annual Stan Van Gundy
"we get no respect speech") and rightfully so. But if the GMs don't
believe Orlando is a serious title contender, how can they say the
Magic made better off-season personnel moves than the Celtics?

Which team made the best overall moves?
1. San Antonio 71.2%
2. Orlando 17.3%
Also receiving votes:
Cleveland, Toronto, Washington

Which one player acquisition will make the biggest impact?
1. Vince Carter, Orlando 25.0%
2. Ron Artest, L.A. Lakers 14.3%
2. Richard Jefferson, San Antonio 14.3%
2. Shaquille O'Neal, Cleveland 14.3%
2. Rasheed Wallace, Boston 14.3%
6. Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers 7.1%
Also receiving votes:
Randy Foye & Mike Miller, Washington; Shawn Marion, Dallas; Emeka Okafor, New Orleans

The GMs are polled in a variety of categories. Rajon Rondo gets some love when the survey shifts to defense, but consider yourself warned; there's a ton of Kobe-love there.

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  • The only way Vince Carter makes the biggest impact on a new team is if they’re counting the negative impact he makes on the Magic.

  • Lex

    No less interesting, I found the poll from last year where the GMs predicted a Lakers win. Now I am curious if they are factoring in their personal belief that KG won’t last the season? If so, understandable. If not, and they are assuming full strength LA is just better, I don’t get it.

  • Lex

    The Magic are probably better than Clev

  • I dont see how it makes them dumb to vote on their opinion…hopefully the c’s prove em wrong

  • Yeah, the Vince Carter vote is baffling. He can still score, but the biggest impact? If you follow the logic of the question, the biggest impact would be Blake Griffin (because the Clippers finally get someone w/leadership skills who doesn’t suck) or Shaq (because the Cavs needed someone stronger than old tissues under the basket). Ron/Sheed/RJeff are joining teams that already had serviceable people in their positions, so the impact isn’t as great.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Well despite what you guys think, I do believe that Vince Carter is going to flourish in a system where he won’t get many double teams. On the Nets, he was averaging over 20pts/game and thats while being constantly doubled and tripled. He will get tons of open looks at I still think hes a better shooter than Hedo, and/or better player than Hedo. He may be a complete bitch sometimes but the guy can play and score. Its really going to help the magic when they are struggling to score to have a guy who can always get his own shot. Look out for the magic this year, they are going to be better than last year. But still celtics will be the best in East. and I think the Cavs are going to struggle a bit.
    I think it will be in East:
    1 Celtics
    2 Magic
    3 Cavs
    4 Wizards/Hawks

  • Double P Reppin the B

    and Before people start hating on the Wizards, remember they got Randy Foye and Mike Miller this offseason, and a healthy Arenas back. That team has some damn good players on it now.

  • Norm

    Agreed that VC is the biggest aquisition but these predictions are based on Boston having a healthy Garnett which is bigger impact. But that remains to be seen…I still see the Lakers winning it all again.


    trade nelson for McGrady