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Just remember, the problem is with KG’s shin

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The Celtics return to action tonight in their first preseason game of the year.  And EVERYONE is going to be watching Kevin Garnett out there.  Just remember when you're watching… if he's limping, it's because he's got shin splints and some mysterious calf problem now.

“He’s been good, (but yesterday) I thought they bothered him more
than the other days,” Rivers said. “So he went through the practice,
but I don’t think he moved great.

“I just think it’s from not playing. You take the time off that he
took off and then you get on the floor and then you go through a camp
that’s live and hard, I think your injury is OK, but the stuff around
the injury probably starts to affect you. And that’s what’s happened.”

It makes total sense that trying to come back after a long layoff could cause problems in areas around the injured knee.  I'm also wondering how long these nagging problems will be tolerated before KG starts to rest them. 

I know KG is a proud guy who won't come out of practice unless wild dogs drag him from the floor.  So may I suggest the Celtics invest in a pack of wild dogs? 

Anyway, I think we can move past the knee issue.  I really do.  I'm more concerned about the other stuff and what the chain reaction is going to be.

As for what else Doc's watching for tonight… he's gonna see how other teams play us when Marquis Daniels is bringing the ball up the floor.

“I’m interested to see how Marquis handles the point with the second
unit and what other teams do,” Rivers said. “If they keep the 3 (small
forward) on him then there’s no cause to worry.

“I wouldn’t be shocked to see some teams actually put their point on
Marquis and try to pressure him up the floor. If they do that, we’re
going to post Marquis. That would put the ball back in Eddie (House’s)
hands, but then Eddie has the 3 on him and he won’t have any pressure.
So that’s what will be interesting, to see how teams play that lineup.”

Seems like that's a nice little matchup problem to have.  Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

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  • Not really buying it…
    riiight, he has serious offseason surgery on his knee, and hes limping because his shin is sore.
    Same guy that was suppose to be back in 2-3 weeks and definetly back for last years playoffs

  • Joseph

    If KG shin is sore, and that’s what causing him to limp, then he’s got to be the biggest p*ssy in the NBA. No one doesn’t play because their shin is sore!