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Greek team suckered in by Cavs

Greek powerhouse Olympiakos… the great lurer of mid-level NBA talent and my favorite Greek League team… will soon be in Cleveland to play the Cavaliers in an exhibition.  Except it's more than an exhibition.  It's a Cavaliers-led government conspiracy

Next Monday, the Cavs are scheduled to welcome Olympiakos, a Greek
team from the Euroleague visiting the United States on a goodwill tour.
But Olympiakos has more business than just basketball in Ohio and as
wild as it may seem, there's a chance they could lose everything they
bring with them from uniforms to computers to travelers' checks.

If it sounds bizarre, it is.

On Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Cleveland, Judge Christopher A. Boyko
cleared the way for old American creditors of Olympiakos to attempt to
collect more than $400,000 Olympiakos owes to an former American
player's agent from a five-year old lawsuit.The plaintiff, agent Tom McLaughlin,
wants to have federal marshals seize everything they can that belongs
to the club — including any currency and perhaps even the charter jet
it will fly into town.

What?  Greeks not paying off a debt?  That's un-possible.  We pay off all most some… we occasionally pay off our debts.

I mean sure, we're sometimes overly-emotional… prone to fits of rage… carry cross-generational grudges… and often look for any loophole possible that will benefit us both socially and financially.  But to be stripped of uniforms, charter jets and anything else of value in an elaborate trap of an "exhibition game" is a bit too much.  You expect me to believe the CIA is not involved with this?  We Greeks… always being persecuted. 

I mean… what are these guys going to do?  Open diners and pizza places? 

Actually, that's probably what they'd do… so never mind.

After the jump, pictures of my favorite Greek girl, Maria Menounos.

Menounos 1

Menounos 2

Menounos 3

Menounos 4

Menounos 5

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  • Very bizarre. I read this story late last night over at Yahoo. I guess Chris Morris went to play for Olympiakos after he was done in the “L”. He hurt his knee and had to retire but had some guarranteed cake owed to him by Olympiakos. Now I guess when they arrive in Cleveland, his agent is going to try and get anything that is worth $ from them. I don’t see what the big deal is, as the brothers that now own Olympiakos are worth well into the billions…

  • ari

    You do realize being an Olympiacos fan is the equivalent of being a laker’s fan right?

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    She banged Vin Diesel.

  • How so? Cuz Panathanaikos has the shamrock?
    Olympiakos is the home team of my Dad’s family in Greece. I can’t just turn my back on that.

  • You take that back. you take that back RIGHT NOW!

  • The Greek Mainaaaaaaaaah

    Holy FU** You are Greek, finally a Greek that shares the same passion for the Celtics that I have. Havent missed a game since I was in 6th grade and now I am in grad school. Oh yeah love the site… yadi yadi yada, blow you later. Keep up the good skata.