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Bynum moved to the bench

Andrew bynum

A couple of years ago, all we heard was how the Finals would have been different if Andrew Bynum was playing.

This year, with all the Lakers "faithful" praying to whatever evil pagan deity it is they've sold their souls to for a rematch, they'll have to find a new excuse when they get destroyed… because it looks like Andrew Bynum is gonna be spending time on the pine.

It’s early, undoubtedly, but center Andrew Bynum is currently on the Lakers’ second unit.

Lamar Odom played with the starters in Saturday night’s scrimmage, along with Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher.

Apparently, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson is more
comfortable going with a unit similar to the one that flourished in the
playoffs last season, the obvious exception being Artest in place of Trevor Ariza.

That's what you want to hear about a guy who's getting $12.5 million this year.  He's guaranteed more than $40 million dollars… he's barely done squat.  Meanwhile, we've got a guy here in Kendrick Perkins who has dominated Bynum in the past… and gained national attention by containing Dwight Howard 1-on-1 in last year's playoffs…who's is making a combined $8.5 million over the next 2 seasons.

Great start to the season, Lakers fans.  Looks like Chuck's prediction is already starting to come true.

(hat tip: Lex)

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  • They’re better with Lamar odom with the starting lineup, he has great chemistry with Pau gasol, Bynum is a lumbering stiff who just gets in Gasols way

  • Also…I think maybe we’re taking too much out of this, and again caring too much whats going on with the lakers…Trevor Arize also started last season on the pine, and ended up being a huge piece to the puzzle, an integral part of their title.
    Same thing could happen with bynum, and having anyone with that size as a guy off the bench isnt a bad thing anyways

  • Hey.. I’ll take any opportunity to make fun of the Lakes.
    Unwarranted barbs at LA are a part of life for us.
    Why? Cuz Fuck ’em, that’s why.

  • G4L

    Still a pretty good option coming off the bench.. its just not worth 12.5 Million.
    Perk is just better in every way.. he’s a pure beast!

  • KY Celts fan


  • Haha

    Let’s guess what’s smeltics excuse is for next year when they knees problem or Ray Allen injury problem…you can bet on my prediction since it happens every yea


    Hey this dosent mean Bynum is gonna fail or suck this season i actually like the plan go to the lineup that won the 15th and if AB starts playing good then put him back in.
    Its`s funny how u guys are always complaining about laker trolls well if u don`t want any laker fans then no more posting laker news then.

  • thetitleisours

    You comparing a role player starters?
    You guys do not remember how much Bynumb whining that you had done.
    We lost our best player, you lost a 6th man and thought that was the difference lol

  • Joseoph

    You guys posting old Laker news? Why? In today’s L.A. Times, Bynum is back in the in the starting lineup. Get with Today’s news!!!

  • haha

    Isnt it funny how everytime someone says something about someones impact to the game, they always bring out, “comparing a superstar to a chump” or some crap like that? WE ARE NOT COMPARING THEM STATISTICALLY WE ARE COMPARING THEM BY THEIR IMPACT. let me dumb it down for you guys in your language, me not comparing stats, me comparing impact. Get it?
    and let me answer the next dumb questions that your gonna bring up.
    YES if Eddie house or anybody from the Smeltics bench had the same IMPACT Kobe had on the lakers, that would be a valid reason.

  • sheldenwill

    actually another article was written clarifying that it was only for that scrimmage. phil said he would go with odom of the bench

  • OaklandLakers

    All the talk from one article and a whole bunch of shit talk. Typical Redsarmy. Less then 48 hours after this article comes out Phil Jackson has Bynum starting pre-season & notes that he’ll be starting in reg. season. K.O.

  • OaklandLakers

    But does redsarmy note this?

  • OaklandLakers


  • zatheris

    You guys need to be worried about the Blazers, not the Lakers.

  • Celtic Hater

    By “bench” did you mean starting, playing 30 minutes and dropping 24 on the Warriors?

  • OaklandLakers

    Can someone respond to this.