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The new guys are fast learners

Ho hum… another day, another piece about how awesome the chemistry is on this team and how smart the new guys are.

"We put in a few sets and we're playing off that so well right now,"
said Paul Pierce as the team returned to its Waltham practice facility
yesterday following five days of workouts in Newport, R.I., and a day
off Sunday. "Doc sees these guys are picking it up easy. But at the
same time we want to get in a good flow with the things we have in
there so far."

"The first option has been there for us almost every time," he said of
intra-squad scrimmages. "Rasheed, for one, has taken to it like he was
here last year. We don't have to stop once and explain things to
Rasheed. We don't have to stop once and explain it to Marquis.
Everything we do, they sit on the side and watch. The first group does
it, then they jump right in and do it exactly how Doc wants it."

What's that you say?  You're still not completely in love with the Marquis Daniels signing? Ok… how about now?

“It’s just something that
you’ve got to want to do,” Daniels said. “Defense is an attitude. But
here everyone wants to play defense, and everyone has each other’s
back. It’s a no brainer. You go out and play defense, and if you get
beat, someone has your back. We have a great group of veterans, a great
organization, and you have to come out with a winning attitude. There’s
going to be a lot of battles out there, and our defense is going to win
a lot of games. The second unit is going to make those starters better.
It makes it a lot easier.

“In Dallas, I played with a lot of veterans also, but here I’m
playing with a lot of veterans who just have the will to win, and
they’re going to do things even though they’re veterans to continue to
get better.”

Nice shot at the Mavs. 

'Yeah, I've played with veterans before, but they didn't give a crap about getting better or winning like they do here.'

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  • was that a shot at the mavs? or just plain talk and honesty?
    and I forget, but was he on the mavs team that made the finals?
    Anyways, im really excited to see Marquis on this squad, hes an underrated player, and was in my mind before we ever signed him

  • I don’t think he said it thinking “oh great, here’s my chance to slam the Mavs”… but that’s essentially what it was.

  • is that Scal in the back right w/the glasses on and the bunsen burner….?