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Shelden’s fresh start

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The hardest role on this team to define might be that of Shelden Williams.  Is he an insurance policy?  Does he fill a Leon Powe role where his minutes depend on matchups?

Whatever it is, Shelden is keeping it simple… and looking at it like a fresh start.

“They want me to come in and play
defense, rebound the basketball, be able to go out there and do the
little things,’’ Williams said while preparing for tomorrow’s
exhibition season opener against Houston in Hidalgo, Texas. “That’s
what I’m trying to do. It’s kind of like being a freshman at Duke all
over again. You already have a great group of guys, and with the
tradition we have here . . . so I just have to come in here and find my
niche, and go from there.

“This is a very veteran team. They have a lot of years on me, so I’m picking their brains and going from there.’’

It's going to be interesting to see how Shelden fits in with this club.  Sheed and Big Baby are clearly ahead of him off the bench.  But if Baby goes into any kind of slump or if matchups dictate the C's need to go bigger… then Shelden will get some time.  Maybe coming in without the expectations of being a lottery pick will help him stay focused on the jobs he mentioned.  Honestly, he can make a nice little career out of just playing D and rebounding… and that's all we need out of him here in Boston.

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  • nick

    ILOVE THIS SIGNING…if scal plays any time ahead of Shelden than im gona lose my fuckin cool 4 sure. This guy bangs and always plays hard and he can finish around the rim, playing 4 such a great squad now instead of horrible teams like the wolves kings and hawks..this guy should help keep Perk, Sheed and KG healthy he is the most underrated move we made this summer, never downgrade a college pedigree like the one he has…GREAT MOVE!!

  • thetitleisours

    Since we already have a “short” PF in Davis, I would have thought they may have signed someone like Swift to only play in limited minutes or to provide a different matchup than Davis.
    Now they have Sweetney in camp ??
    But one thing I do like is I read that SW has a very high RB/Minute ratio. Will miss Powe’s ability to get fouled though

  • I dig Shel too. My main reason, which some may think is stupid, he’s a GOOD DUDE. He’s not going to complain, he’s not going to get fined for badmouthing anyone and he’s going to give it %100 each time he’s on the floor. I know his numbers aren’t great, but if he can grab us some boards, throw his body around and play some good D, it is a big improvement from Mikki “I Have A Personal Foul As I’m Pulling Out Of My Driveway” Moore.