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“I think Rajon Rondo will be a lifetime Celtic”

RedsArmyAdmin October 6, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on “I think Rajon Rondo will be a lifetime Celtic”

Doc and rondo

Doc Rivers was on WEEI earlier this morning…and the thing that seems to be resonating with people is what he said about Rajon Rondo.

I think Rajon Rondo will be a lifetime Celtic. I really do. I think
this process he’s gone through is the process all players go through at
times. The maturity process is another thing that all players go
through. I don’t think he’s behind in that department at all. I just
think he’s young and he’s growing. So, I never had a black mark against
him. For maturity issues, that’s part of his process of growing up, and
he’s doing that. He’s been as good as anyone. In camp thus far he’s
doing everything we ask him to do — and he usually does. I would be
very surprised if he’s not a lifetime Celtic.

And as for what we'll see this year:

When you look at his shot this year, he’s made some dramatic changes to
[his jumper], it looks good, it’s going to go in, and it’s going to keep getting
better. The thing I love about Rondo is, he’s going to put in the time.
That kid works on his game. He traveled all summer back and forth to
Atlanta, working with Mark Price. I think he’s done some great work and
you can see it in his game.

We need to sign this kid NOW!

He talks about everything in the interview.  The trip to recruit Sheed, KG's injury, Big Baby's role on the team…. everything.  It's pretty far-reaching and worth checking out.

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