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Danny admits to reading blogs… sort of

Classic danny ainge

In a long, detailed interview (via Celtics Blog) in which Danny discusses things like KG's knee (there are no staples in there), his heart attack (he's feeling pretty good), and Rondo's attitude (the guys really like him)… we self-centered pricks here at the Red's Army office focused on this:

"People were trying to read between the lines,"
Ainge said. "All of a sudden the talk shows and the bloggers are
saying, 'Oh! (Ainge) said he's not a (maximum-contract) player! What
does that mean? How come he doesn't like him?'

"I was stating some things that Rondo needs to
improve. He needs to be a better leader. He needs to be a little bit
more consistent. He needs to improve the shooting. And the next thing I
know, it's like I'm ripping Rondo. I mean, I love the kid. We're
hopeful that Rondo will be our point guard for a decade.

He's clearly not reading Red's Army, because we've never questioned Danny.  I mean, when Chuck said "Sometimes I wonder if Ainge really knows what the hell he is doing"… I'm sure Chuck meant it in an ironic sort of way.

Heh heh…

And when I incredulously commented on how old Danny looks with his new, un-colored hair… I clearly meant to say "distinguished. 

Meh… so we bash the guy every once in a while.  The important thing is Danny admits to always following newspapers and websites.

"In all the newspapers and websites, I rarely follow much that's going
on because there is so much written about us, and so much speculated
about us that is so unfounded, so untrue, that I just assume
everything's untrue. It's hard to sift through it because so much is
false. But at the same time, I understand it generates all sorts of
excitement. I have to separate myself from a fan to being a leader of
an organization."

Or…. maybe not.

It's actually a good approach.  Although it's tough for me to believe that you don't read these sites when you state in the previous quote what all the blogs were saying.

Admit it Danny… you love us.  How can you not?  We're so cute and cuddly.  Chuck spends his spare time reading to the elderly… and I teach inner-city youth how to use the power of ballroom dancing to get past racial and societal barriers. 

Wait… that was Antonio Banderas

Never mind.

photo courtesy Boston Globe

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  • BigMck

    Read between the lines? Go back and read Ainge’s quotes from that WEEI interview. He pointed out all the negative aspects of Rondo’s game. We didn’t misinterpret anything. That’s BS. Ainge is just trying to cover his ass now.