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Cavs forget they’re the Cavs, print Finals tickets

Cavs finals tickets

The last time the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title was…..

Hmmm… they don't seem to be on the list.  I should take a different approach to start this post.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been in the finals so many times they……..

Huh?  Just once?  Really?

Then why the hell are they printing and mailing out Finals tickets now, before they've even played a single game?

I'm betting that picture will look real nice on the bulletin board in the Celtics locker room.

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  • Spiraea

    Consider the Cavs self-jinxed

  • KY Celts fan

    Where ya at now, King James is the Best? Celt got your tongue?


    Hey guys not to kill the thing here but the ticket says 2010 Cavs playoff home game not 2010 NBA FINALS Home game so yea…………


    ok i did some guy told me it is finals tickets anyway well as much as i want LA vs Boston well good luck to them

  • Leon POW

    They are just spelling N-O-P-E on those tickets