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“You’re on borrowed time”

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That's Ray Allen's approach to appreciating whatever moments he's got left in the NBA… and tuning out talk of the contract extension he wants.

“It’s interesting how I approach training camp as an older man in
relation to my career,” Allen said. “I think Kevin (Garnett) takes the
same mindset and Paul (Pierce) has the same mindset. We get in here and
it’s like you’re on borrowed time. We’ve all done this a long time and
we really enjoy this more now than we

ever did. Being able to be here
and compete for what this team is playing for, that’s pretty special.”

“Naturally you have thoughts, but you just stay focused on what you
have to do each day,” Allen said. “Everyone has thoughts about security
and your kids’ future. You think about how you’re going to live in 10
years or whatever, but it’s the present that you’ve got to take care of."

Ray is a smart guy.  He definitely takes a philosophical approach to things.  He takes advantage of opportunities.  When he was in Newport this past week, he found out about an historical burial ground of free and enslaved Africans.  At his next opportunity, he visited it.

So its no surprise that Ray has learned to live in the moment.  And he's going to have to continue living in the moment this season, because it would be shocking of the Celtics offered him a deal before they acquired his Bird rights.  As has been said here before, a player has to play for his team for 3 years before they hold his Bird rights.  This is the beginning of Ray's 3rd season.

So maybe Ray's people can reach some kind of deal "in principal" during the season… but it makes no sense to sign him while his number can count against the cap when you can still sign him when it doesn't.  And in case you're worried about it being a distraction… don't.

“I think in the meantime, I think it’s important we focus on winning a
championship here. The day’s going to come when decisions have to be
made. I think if I have my foot halfway in and halfway out, I can’t
focus on getting better and being the best player I can possible be.
When that decision day comes, I don’t want to look back on the year and
think I spent time worrying about this. If my team and I take care of
business, the pot is big for everybody.”

It is indeed.


Reader CFH pointed out in the comments that I'm wrong in my reading of the Bird Rights rule.  While a player does have to play for his team for 3 years before you hold his Bird Rights, you CAN inherit Bird Rights when a player is traded.  Since Ray played in Seattle for 5 years before being traded to Boston, the Celtics can extend his contract at any point without it affecting the salary cap.

My apologies for the mistake.

After the jump, a video a million people have sent me… a big pile of Kobe fail to the tune of "Always Look at the Bright Side of Life"

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  • CFH

    A team doesn’t acquire Bird rights automatically when they trade for a player (if the player hasn’t been waived or a free agent for 3 years)? I thought they did, but I only bothered to check my facts on wikipedia, which might not be the world’s most reliable source. Did the NBA change that rule at some point?

  • you might be right. I only know the rule that you have to be with a team for 3 years. I don’t know about the trade part of it.

  • I love the play at the 3-minute mark. Maybe my favorite highlight of all time.

  • Orb

    Mine’s at 1:15. Who would’ve guessed Kobe would fail at the passing part of the skills competition?

  • thetitleisours

    Any “snippets” on how Hudson has been progressing and if the injury is still bothering him?

  • The finger injury? Nothing that I’ve seen

  • thetitleisours


  • AMP

    Gosh that is a funny pic…his feet and finger seem so out of proportion.

  • Spiraea

    Hilarious video, the Nuggets play at the 1 minute mark is the best

  • KY Celts fan