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(Old But New to Us) Rumor: Rondo for Devin Harris


Via Chris Sheridan's ESPN Insider column:

General manager Danny Ainge has acknowledged discussing possible Rondo trades with other teams
early in the offseason (one proposal that was floated but never gained
traction was a multiplayer deal that would have included
Devin Harris of the New Jersey Nets),…

A Rondo-for-Harris swap is one deal I would support. Devin Harris is a spectacular offensive talent. Another plus, we could regularly post pictures of his playmate dates.

I remain optimistic the Celtics will be able to sign Rondo to a contract extension. According to Sheridan's column, Rajon plans to work on…

Rondo said his areas of focus for this season will be gambling less on
defense and defending the high pick-and-roll better, along with
reducing his turnovers to the point where he can challenge the likes of 
Jose Calderon for the league lead in assist-to-turnover ratio.

Just stay in front of your man Rajon. Your unwillingness to play this way last season became my biggest frustration, followed closely by Perk's inability to set proper screens.

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  • JD

    I’d take Rondo over Devin Harris, but obviously we’d have to hear the other specifis of the deal before making a judgment. But Rondo always seems to get the best of Harris whenever we played the nets last year, and Rondo’s younger too.

  • um, a big F U to people releasing these rumours, and a big F U to anyone that would do this deal and whine about rajons play, when he dominated devin harris head-to-head last season, and devin harris doesnt play a lick of d … please

  • I wouldn’t trade Rondo for Harris either. Harris is a nice player… but I’m not really sure he’ll end up being better when all is said and done.

  • i would actually like to see all the rajon haters if one of these deals happened to go down….devin harris would wilt under the pressure of playing with the big 3, he wouldnt distribute evenly, and at this point hes all flash and no substance..
    why the fuck would we change our roster for a player not any better or younger then what we have..

  • Rajons Job is harder then putting up empty stats on a useless team….anyone could do that…
    rondo would average a triple double through an entire season on a team he could do whatever he wants like a harris

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I am completely blown away at anyone even considering this deal. Yes, Harris is a great player, but so is Rajon, and the potential is there for both of them but I like Rajons game better as a point guard, I always looked at harris as more of a shooting guard

  • greenbeans

    The eei crowd is out in full force on this one…
    This is just a national writer giving us a quarter of the story, lets not get carried away here

  • I would only do this deal if a contract extension cannot be worked out. But would you rather let Rondo walk for nothing or get Harris?

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Fuck Devin Harris. Just his name alone sucks. RAJON RONDO. That’s the name of a fucking kickass basketball player!!