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“Kevin Garnett pisses intensity”

Garnett kittens
That's just one part of the Ball Don't Lie Celtics preview.

There are other, funnier photos.  There also actual basketball analysis. I found this interesting.

Depth? Not great. Wallace helps, a ton. Marquis Daniels can really
play, I have misgivings about his ability as a reserve point man, but
he can help this team if the motivation is there.
Glen Davis can score, Eddie House can shoot, Wallace can do a bit of everything, Shelden Williams can sop up minutes (and perhaps a turn with Boston assistant Clifford Ray can turn his career around), and Brian Scalabrine is still on the team. Could be a lot worse.

What's funny is that we around here find our depth be better than great.  We like to think our second unit can get out there and run with other first units.  So that begs the question:  Are we drinking too much Kool Aid around here?  KD finishes with this:

And the team will win. As high as the low 60s, if KG is around and
playing as well as can be reasonably expected. Possibly the high 40s or
low 50s, if KG struggles. I hope this doesn't come off as flip, but the
team is just going to have to try and make it to the playoffs with
tendons intact. This group is made for the postseason, and the trick is
going to be getting there with everyone on board, this time around. You
already knew that, let's see what happens.

It's an interesting take.  I always respect KD's opinion.  It's good to see a take on this team that's not all gushy.  But I also think there is merit to the gushing.  My opinion of this team is much higher than Dwyer's.

But again, there's the Kool Aid thing.  So I guess we'll just have to see.

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  • Lex

    The real point of interest, only distantly intimated, is this: We know Doc, and thus we know one thing. He’s already talking brackets. “We don’t want to play Orlando AND Cleveland in the playoffs, gang. How do we avoid that?”
    So the pedal is already to the metal. Question: Did that contribute to KG’s problems last year?
    What will happen this year?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    There is no doubt in my mind that this team will land one of the top 4 seeds in the East almost automatically. Koolaid or not, thats just a reality. We have to much talent and your a moron if you cannot see that. Our bench is better than most in the league, and our starting 5 is second to none.

  • Knocking this team for a lack of depth is borderline moronic. They’ve added two quality starters to the bench!
    This line proves KD is searching out reasons to criticize the Celtics:
    Rasheed Wallace and Ray Allen(notes) are two former All-Stars who are (when Rasheed’s head is on straight and Allen’s ankles are in place) a step or two below that level these days.
    Ray’s ankles haven’t been an issue for 2+ years! That’s a joke.

  • thetitleisours

    I suppose from the outside one may see a lack of a backup PG and TA, SCAL, and some unproven young people on the bench.
    But what he is missing is that we finally have the ingredients missing from the previous year. And look how well the team did then.
    I will miss greatly having POWE in the playoffs though. He has had some truly memorable moments

  • Yes, it’s definetly a joke…Rays ankles have been fine, and hes never missed significant playing time with us, or his career…yawnnn

  • Jason

    Former All-Stars? Ray’s been an All-Star the last two years, right? And Wallace was in 2008. So All-Stars get a 6-month shelf life before being discarded as old news? Wade, James, Garnett, Pierce, Johnson, Howard, Billups, Bosh, Bryant, Paul, Duncan, Stoudemire, Roy, Ming, Nowitzski and West are all “former” All-Stars, too.
    Overall, KD’s decent, but that’s just a terrible line/analysis. Not to mention, All-Star appearances aren’t exactly the definitive barometer for top performance. Iverson started last year. Anthony didn’t even make the roster. And that’s just a sampling of egregious All-Star decisions.
    Let’s just say they are a step below their primes. That’s still better than 90% of the players in the league. A good problem to have when they’re your 4th and 5th best players.