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Wow, Perk really did slim down

Perk skinny
He looks really skinny in this picture.  You could see in the training camp broadcast (for the short time he was on) that he's moving around well… especially laterally.  That could be a big help in preventing some fouls.

By the way… how about Sheed playing in sweatpants with the pockets inside out and the practice jersey backwards?

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  • Yes-Perk really looks like he has put on some lean muscle this summer-not just bulk. His overall game, most importantly defense, has come along beautifully the last 3 years. Sheed likes to be different-and likes to be comfortable. I remember Natalie from saying on 2ManGame over the summer that he still had Blazer’s stuff he would wear alot while w/Detroit. I’m surprised Nike hasn’t gotten him some Celtic green AF1’s yet. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if the Detroit one’s he’s been rocking in camp are just a fave pair of his…

  • zippittyay

    Wow, I almost wanna buy Perk a cheeseburger! Can you put up a rookie pic of him for comparison?

  • nick

    WOW I continue to be amazed by Perk..He is one of the reasons the C’s are my favorite to win the title..sure we have an older team but Perk and Rondo are both future ALL-STARS…perhpas even this year…this guy went from doughy and unskilled to a ferocious post player on defense, a great rebounder and shot-blocker, he’s also very solid offensively in the post…He is gona be such an asset to us next year What a fucking insane sweaty Beast…gotta love it

  • Is he too thin? He’s gotta bang with Shaq and Dwight Howard this year, he needs the bulk.

  • Jason

    EXACTLY my thoughts. This is too skinny. He needs meat. Seriously, compare his arms to a last year photo. I think he swung the pendulum too far and this is not a good thing. Where’s the beast?

  • KY Celts fan

    Pictures can be deceiving. I wouldn’t think about it too much yet until we see him play a larger center, and since Yao is out, it won’t be until we play Cleveland in the preseason. (Unless you count Eddy Curry or Brook Lopez as larger centers). Besides if he shed fat and added muscle, a leaner Perk is a good thing. Though it’s less mass, it’s more strength.

  • King James is the Best

    lmao sheed is such a douche bag, wat dumbass does that

  • agreeded

  • ssshady35

    Hater!!!!!! You would love to have him on your team though.

    I don’t know if that’s a good angle, but it’s from a few years ago.

  • When I saw him out there scrimmaging I didn’t think he was too thin. I think this photo just emphasizes it… but I thought he looked good out there.

  • Yeah… what fucking dumb ass goes out there and practices in sweats like that.

  • He’s in better shape then Sheed….and whats with sheed wearing a backwards jersey? lol

  • stoolFool

    PWNT! just like king james every postseason

  • @KingJamesBeast OWNED-beyotch! lmao. How’s that foot in your mouth tastin’? You’re smart getting your comments in now though. Because when Cleveland chokes again in June 2010, you’ll be nowhere to be found.