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KG sets the record straight about his knee

Kg knee wrap
I don't know how you can
get any clearer.

"I don't have any knee problems. I don't have any knee problems. I'm
not trying to get in depth with my injury and all that but the things
are bothering me are secondary and not even primary. So I'm excited
about that because it's nothing be strengthening the knee and playing
again. You gotta remember, I have been out since what, March? I haven't
done anything since then. I have just been rehabbing, strengthing.
Nothing simulates basketball play. The pounding, the churning, the
reactions, the stuff you have to react to in games you can't get that
in trying to that with the rehab and the trainers and all that other

"I feel really good, I wouldn't (BS) you guys if I was hurting I
would tell you. I'm pretty straight up with everything that's going on
with me. I feel good. I'm excited about how we are and I'm just trying
to get my part together to make sure I'm ready for when we need to be
like we need to be."

He says a lot in that interview.  And from what little basketball was actually shown in that Real Training Camp broadcast… I DID see KG out there and moving around pretty well during the scrimmage.  That was encouraging.

There's talk about pain being in KG's shin… which might explain that funky wrap in that picture and where the trainer is pushing in the middle of his leg.  Could just be a product of him being out for so long and trying to come back.

One thing that isn't gone:  KG's attitude.  Here's the last Q & A from the piece:


"I'm a little injured or coming off injury, I'm not dead. I'm not
brain dead. I can still make plays. I can still play defense and still
know how to play. So I'm still me now, you know what I mean? I ain't in
my grave yet dog. They ain't shot Old Yeller yet dog. They ain't took
him in the back yet. I can still make a couple of plays here and there.
I know you haven't seen me in a while but I ain't go that much dust on

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  • BigMck

    “They ain’t shot Old Yeller yet”
    I love that quote!

  • I loved that, too. “I ain’t got that much dust on me.”
    Gotta love the attitude.

  • Bart Kofoed wishes he was playing with the C’s right now. Drink heavy my pals

  • would love to see how many people Google Bart Kofoed

  • KY Celts fan

    I looked him up on Wiki. Don’t really see the connection except that he played a few games for Boston in his final season.

  • Chris

    Welcome back Garnett!

  • It’s really comforting to hear that he’s positive and upbeat.