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KG isn’t exactly fluid out there yet

This video from yesterday's practice shows KG running around… and not exactly looking fluid.  I guess that's to be expected and if he had a serious problem… he'd be sitting on the sidelines.  So it's just something he's got to work through.  (Thanks Jose3030 for the vid).

If that's not unsettling enough… check out what Doc said in the Herald about last year's team

“But I thought last year there were so many other things going on –
you know, contracts, fanfare, all that. I tell you, I think especially
with the young guys, admiration is a difficult beast to deal with. How
you handle that on a day-to-day basis is very challenging. I think that
was a distraction that as a group we didn’t handle nearly as well as
I’d like and as well as we could have.

“I thought we had a lot of different agendas. Guys were looking out
for their own situations more than the team situation. That came
through all year. It was never anything really big, but it was there
all year. You could see it in little things, and I think when you take
it as a whole it really had an effect on our season.”

Ok… let's break that down:  young guys…. contracts… fanfare… admiration.

The admiration and fanfare for young guys seems like it was for Rondo.  The contract seems to point at Glen Davis.  Am I wrong?  Seems to me that Pierce, Ray and KG weren't a problem.  I don't think Perk was in any position to do anything for himself.  Who else is there?

Very interesting stuff.  Maybe last year was a learning experience for those guys.  Actually, it sure as hell better have been a learning experience for them… or whomever it was that put the "I" before the "team." 

Just goes to show that "Ubuntu" can only go so far before human nature takes over

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  • Shiit… i thought KG is better now…

  • To be expected. I’m looking forward to NBATV’s feature tonight. We’ll get a good glimpse of KG in action then.
    By the looks of this footage, he is certainly not 85% as he is telling the media…

  • nick

    This aint good, but simply put KG should ABSOLUTELY NEVER play more than 20 or so minutes in a game until after X-MAS. Big Baby is poised 4 a breakout season after hardcore training this summer and I excpect a great year from PERK THE BEAST..Throw in Sheed and Shelden Williams and theres no need to burn K.G out we need him 4 the playoffs..we can go small to with Pierce at the 4 and Daniels and Allen also on the court Doc need to act like a doctor in this situation and let K.G rest even though it sucks

  • I’m not particularly worried. But I’m sure the haters are loving this clip. When I saw the Tweet attached to this vid, “KG limping in practice”, I thought, man, Fakers fans will be lubing up to watch this one over and over. KG is a tough customer-the only way he will not be ready to go come Opening Night will be if he’s just physically unable to do so. I’m looking forward to going to the preseason game next week to get a good look at how he’s doing in person.

  • Yeah, sorry to all the eternal optimists, but this clip is awful…and Like ive been saying all along, KG may play again, but he will NEVER return anywhere close to his prime or even 2007 for that matter
    As far as the Ubuntu…Um i saw no such thing from rondo or glen davis…sorry but to pin it on them because of comments from doc is absurd…I thought last years team was together, they added 2 bums in Marbury and Moore who didnt buy in, but simple fact is they weret as good as the 07 team

  • angsty

    looks baddd..

  • Lex

    Good stuff. I may be dropping the ball for a few days. Keep up the good work.

  • 34

    i don’t think this video is from yesterday. there was a picture posted a couple of days ago from the end of this video, when they’re all coming together in the huddle- it was posted on this site and i think it said “this is the picture that gets me the most fired up?” something like that.

  • Personally as a Laker fan I hope KG recovers to 100% – that way we don’t get to hear any excuses from you guys this year.