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Doc’s starting this crap early

Doc at practice

Camp is not even a full week old and Doc Rivers is already forgetting to limit KG's minutes.

"Today was a day I probably should have taken him out more."

That would explain the video we just saw of KG moving around stiffly.  Doc said he was starting and stopping the guys a lot and they stiffened up.  Ok… I get that.  I'm really not worried about the video so much.

But jeez Doc… how many times have we got to hear AFTER the fact that you should have played someone less?   I feel like this is mid-December and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce played 41 minutes apiece.  Is there no one on the staff that can be the "remind Doc to not play these guys as much" guy?

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  • Real KC Jones style…
    We won’t win banner 18 with Doc, because he’ll always overplay the starting unit.

  • Lex

    41-0 . . . with the players playing “the right minutes.”
    I don’t care about 41-0.
    But I do care about minutes.
    Let’s hold doc to it.
    The g ood news about the video is that the knee sleeve is minimal. This tells me he really just does need to work it out. Otherwise, there would be a bynum brace or a massive wrap.

  • They’re using a pretty unique wrap on it. I think they’re doing a fine job with it. I don’t think it’s the type of injury that requires a large brace

  • Venus

    Well Doc is Doc. He can’t ever be trusted with minutes no matter what he says.
    If he can’t limit post- surgery KG in training camp then PP and RA are in for a long year.

  • Tollbooth Willy

    With Glenn you pretty much know what you’re getting.

  • Um, hes only having 1 a days, and is notorious for having among the easiest training camps and practices around the league.
    Also, the year we won the championship he managed minutes better then any other contender in the league, and has managed KGS minutes perfectly since he was a celtic…last year was another story, but it was also another roster