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NBA to teams: sit down

RedsArmyAdmin October 2, 2009 Uncategorized 8 Comments on NBA to teams: sit down
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"I'm gonna have a seat or else the NBA is gonna fine me… cuz they've got nothing better to do."

The past couple of seasons, one of the hallmarks of the unity on the Celtics bench has been how they stand until the C's score a basket.  They're among the standing-est teams around. 

But the seats behind the bench are really expensive.  And the people who sit there are not too thrilled with, say, 6-9 Shelden Williams and 6-11 Rasheed Wallace blocking their view for an extended period of time.  So the NBA is telling its teams that guys on the bench have to take a seat… or risk getting fined.

“Starting this season, league rules dictate that players will be
required to remain seated on the bench while the ball is live except to
‘spontaneously react to a notable play [and] immediately sitting down
on the bench afterward’ or ‘to approach the scorer’s table to report
into the game.’ The memo states that ‘players will not be permitted to
stand [in front of] the bench at any other time while the ball is in
play, including standing for the last minute of a game or standing
until the team scores its first point in game.’”

So grab a seat, boys.  You don't want to be tagged with a fine because you're showing team unity. 

Next, the NBA will fine players for talking on the bench… because they're disrupting the conversations people are trying to have behind them.

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  • KO

    I actually like this rule. Have you ever been at a sporting event where the people in front of you stand the whole time? It is not fun. How about if you have kids with you who can’t see at all? I think it’s only common sense, decency, and respect for others that you don’t intentionally block their view.

  • Finn U guys may have already posted on this but just in case u missed it.

  • Part of the thrill of seeing a live game is witnessing the players reactions, up front, first hand, in live action. If I were in those front row seats, I can only feel fortunate to look at the Celtics players backs while squeeking views of the on-court action in between there tree-like frames!
    This rule is absolutely ridiculous! boo hoo.

  • baltimoresbest01

    I was at the Lakers vs Rockets game last year (when Kobe went off on Artest) and I was 4 rows behind the Lakers bench. Adam Morrison was standing up and fans were yelling at him to sit down. Adam held up a towel to block those fans views since they were yelling at him. And for the people who still don’t know, yes I am a Lakers fan.

  • KY Celts fan

    I can’t blame Morrison. Standing and being yelled at was the most action he saw the entire playoffs.

  • the best part about this is that i avoid having to root for tyrone lue once again!!!
    he is quite possibly my least favorite player in the whole nba

  • hahaahahahahah
    i was watching the lakers camp thing on nba tv, and morrison doesnt look like he has put on a single ounce of muscle since coming into the nba, he is skinny as hell
    that pretty much shows he is never going to be anything but an 10th man off the bench who can shoot

  • So, why are the celtics and KG still telling us he’s looking good?
    he looks like crap
    Not encouraging whatsoever