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… And then there’s The BEAST!

Media day - perk
Lost amid the gushing about Rondo, worries about KG's knee, scrutinizing of Marquis Daniels and Rasheed Wallace, agonizing over Tony Allen and general giddiness of an overall loaded team… is what we have in Kendrick Perkins.

But Rasheed Wallace is finding out.  In this video posted by the Celtics, Sheed gushes about how Perk was taught defense the right way… and it shows on the court. 

You keep hearing about how Perk keeps yapping on the court and might have an over-inflated opinion of himself, but you can tell from listening to him that he's always learning and always looking to get better.  The yapping he does to other teams… I say let them worry about it.

Just a brief appreciation of Perk.  Call it a reminder that he's going to be there patrolling the post.

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  • Perk is a true professional. and plays his role absolutely perfectly, as good as anyone on the team, and across the league, hes a bargain, hes humble, and hes hungry to get better every single day….really gotta love this kid

  • Danno

    Season tickets showed up yesterday. Good to see Perk and E. House finally get some ticket face love.

  • AMP

    I think Perk is underestimated. There is no one in the league who gets his job done as well.

  • FLCeltsFan

    I love Perk! I have been on Perk’s bandwagon since his first season. He has improved every season he has been in the league and he will make another leap again this season. And don’t forget, this kid is only 24 years old. Perk is every bit as important to this team as KG and Rondo.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Any Perk shirts coming soon?

  • KY Celts fan

    I can’t wait to see Perk and Sheed on the floor at the same time. It’ll be like watching the “Bash Brothers” from Mighty Ducks 2.

  • Ace-One

    Perk is one of my favorite interviews cuz he’s got that thick molasses drawl. Also, he’s got one of the best mean mugs in the league, but he’s always chill in interviews.