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Will Doc’s Lies Motivate the Celtics?

Via ESPN.com:

Rivers has already come out and said the Lakers are a better team, and were a better team last season..

Chalk this up as pure motivation. Piss of the guys and make them prove you wrong. Anyone who knows basketball, knows this year's Celtics team is loaded and a near lock to win back the title.

Here's more from Doc:

Still, Rivers believes the Celtics never reached a point last season
— even during their 19-1 start — when they were playing at the same
high level they had played at the previous season.

"We had
swagger as champions, but I thought it was false bravado. I never
thought we had that true, 'Let's go on the road and get this win'
feeling. I think there were times where we felt we could win anywhere,
but it wasn't consistent," Rivers said.

Now this I believe. We watched the games and saw a lot of sloppy play, a lot of turnovers. Despite dominating the league, the Celtics still weren't sharp. This year will be drastically different. The more I think about it, the more I think this team can win 70 games, even with Doc limiting minutes.

(hat tip to Lakers Nation)

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  • Joseph

    “Dominating the League”???? If the Suckdics dominated the league, then they would have won the championship last season, but they did not. Quit kidding yourselves Suckdic fans.
    And finally, is Doc Rivers the only sensible person in that sh*t of a city called Boston? Will the rest of you Suckdic fans learn and accept the fact that the Suckdics are the third, possibly fourth best team in the NBA (maybe even the 5th best team) behind obviously the Lakers, Cleveland, San Antonio and Orlando? Accept the truth Suckdic fans. You know, you guys are fans of THE TRUTH

  • King James is the Best

    lmao 70 games??? wat a joke, i PERSONALLY GUARANTEE u celdicks don’t win 70 games this season, there is NO WAY that happens, i guarantee it

  • Purple Rain

    Real Lakers fans want to see the Celtics do well, so that we can meet them in the finals. We don’t need Doc’s “lies,” we already know this year will be harder than last, now that we have the title…You have to be a fool to think you can predict the season before it starts.

  • JD

    Why don’t you tell us why the lakers are better, or those other teams too? There’s no logic in your argument, just statements. I’ll tell you why the Celtics are better: the Celtics have a much better bench. After Lamar Odom, the Laker bench absolutely blows; Farmar, Vujaclit, Walton, Menga. They all suck. The Celtics have Sheed, Marquis, Eddie, and Big Baby. All four of those guys are better than ever laker bench player except for Odom. The starting lineups are a wash, but its the benches that makes the difference.

  • Crenshaw

    Celtic fans= Burnt!
    “The Truth!”
    Gotta Love It

  • Josh

    I’m all for hearing differing opinions from fans of other teams, but when you represent yourself like immature fools your point gets lost. Present a valid argument instead of relying on insults.
    Or keep up with the insults…they are much easier to brush off since there’s really no substance to them. Either way, why are you reading a Celtics blog? Isn’t there some competent Laker blogs out there for you to enjoy?

  • prefuse

    You are very ridiculous. Stop being a hypocrite with that “Present a valid argument instead of relying on insults”. Its funny how you say we insult people, when you guys are the one whose been doing the trash talking. Reading a Celtic blog? We can whatever the “duck” we want. Just like your fans coming to our blogs.

  • prefuse

    That’s all? If you haven’t notice already my friend, the Lakers won the champion without their bench. Well, excluding Lamar. Sure it would’ve been easier if they helped the Lakers , but they didn’t.

  • JD

    I’m not doubting that, I’m saying the Celtics bench is better this year. Seeing as how the starting lineups are both stacked, the Celtics bench is what makes the Celtics a better team. So, assumming the Celtics stay healthy, they are better than the Lakers. That’s all I’m saying.

  • I hope we don’t win 70 games. Bigger fish to frye than some worthless regular season record. Would rather widen the gap on the most championships.

  • Josh’s Grandmother


  • Alex

    Are you saying that the Celtics fans started the whole trash talking between this rivalry? Seriously, cut the crap.
    It is inevitable to not have fans (from both teams) to come into each other’s blogs and trash talk by insulting our players and using nicknames (Fakers, Suckdic, whatever).
    All we are saying is that if you want us to reply to your post with respect, you should show some respect as well, or else you are making yourself and the Lakers look bad with your immature shit.

  • The season hasn’t started yet and already our readers and trolls are in playoff form!
    I love this game….

  • Josh

    Arguing on the internet is like winning the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded….
    This website doesn’t just fire off insults without merit. They present an argument and formulate a rational reason behind it. They may take a stab at other teams, but they do so in a way that doesn’t make them look like complete fools and fits in with the overall point of the post. It takes a little intelligence to pull that off…and I see none of that in the trolling comments coming from Laker fans.
    I’m more than willing to listen to criticism of our team, but ‘suckdicks’ and boring insults are a waste of time. Be creative is all i ask.
    Do you honestly think RedsArmy is sending people to the Laker sites to troll there? I couldn’t name 1 laker site, nor do I care enough to read about your team and waste time trying to insult them. The lakers are a good team and there’s a great rivalry in place. I’m glad its there. I wish it didn’t bring out the ‘tard’ in you though.