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OK… So Red was a bit of a prick


Everyone is bitching about replacement referees.  So much so that the NBA just came out today and told everyone to quit it.

Well, TrueHoop took the opportunity to highlight a referee-related portion of Bill Russell's book… which showed Red Auerbach's… umm… salty side.

For years, Red had a running problem with a ref named Sid Borgia, who
made a lot of terrible calls against us. When Sid had our game, it was
almost as much fun watching the fireworks between him and Red as it was
winning the game. Red always smoked those foul-smelling cigars — in
those days, people still smoked indoors. So, one time when Sid made a
lousy call on us, Red formed a mouthful of chewed-up cigar and got
right in Sid's face and started arguing, "You son of a bitch!" and
"Jesus Christ!" and Sid ended up with a face-full of chewed tobacco
bits. I don't know if this was deliberate. But, after that, the moment
Sid saw Red heading his way to argue a call, he retreated farther onto
the court, out of Red's range.

Because we love Red, this story is awesome.  If it was someone else… we'd probably say that move was a little douchey.

Fun fact:  Chuck uses that same exact tactic when he yells at his children. 

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