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Eddy Curry’s body can’t handle him being a fat bastard

Fat bastard

Eddy Curry addresses the media after yesterday's practice

The combination of sheer bulk and a workout regimen that includes using a hoveround to get to the refrigerator are proving too much for Eddy Curry's body.  It's revolting on him, cracking under the pressure of hauling his fat ass around.

Curry could be sidelined up to one week after an MRI revealed a torn
right plantaris muscle, which runs from the top of the calf to the
Achilles. Curry returned to New York today to have blood drained from
the injury and he is expected to be back in Saratoga on Thursday. 

"Human legs can only carry around so much weight" Curry's fictitious doctor probably said.  "Think of it like you're trying to stand a Christmas ham on two toothpicks.  You can only do that for so long before they crack under the sheer tonnage."

When I told Chuck I was working on a post about Eddy Curry's torn muscle… Chuck replied: "He has muscle?"

What does any of this have to do with anything Celtics?  Nothing.  I just like calling Eddy Curry a fat-ass.  What's he gonna do?  Eat me?  He can't even dream without stopping to catch his breath.  I'm not afraid.

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