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1, 2, 3… UBUNTU

RedsArmyAdmin September 30, 2009 Uncategorized 16 Comments on 1, 2, 3… UBUNTU


This might be the picture that gets me most fired up.  Can the season start yesterday?

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  • KY Celts fan

    Is there any higher resolution that picture, cuz i would love to make it my wallpaper.

  • That rocks. Might sound gay, but I’m pretty psyched for the 1st home preseason game that I’m going to-can’t wait to see KG back in action, even if it the game is meaningless..

  • *the game

  • KY Celts fan

    damn, still too small.

  • I see Scal’s hair. 🙂

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I don’t know who has NBAtv and who doesn’t (I have FiOS and last season was mad that they did not offer NBAtv but they just put it on there) but they are doing a 2 hour behind the scenes of the celtics training camp, and its airing Oct 4th (Sunday) at Midnight. Just letting people know, definitely worth checking out

  • Lee in Oregon

    Big Baby is not very tall!

  • That’s what she said.

  • haha! nope, he isnt… and this pic makes him look even shorter then normal…but ive always questioned if hes even taller then Pierce..
    I love ubuntu, but doesnt that seem so 2007? thought they might come up with something different…but hey its still awesome

  • BigMck

    They’re going to need Ubuntu now more than ever. With Rondo’s game flourishing, and the additions of Wallace and Daniels, the guys still need to buy into it to win a title.

  • No way thats big baby in the front. I believe its Lester Hudson..they both rock the played out mohawk

  • JD

    Yeah thats definitely Lester Hudson, Big Baby’s head is fatter.

  • zippittyay

    That’s a “Maxi-Pad Mohawk”

  • I agree they still need Ubuntu, which is just team unity and togetherness, a different phrase or saying wouldnt hurt that… but its really a non-issue, they will probably use it for the rest of this era

  • Yeah, you’re definetly right, my bad I kinda forgot about hudson there for a minute