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Whaddya Think of DeShawn Stevenson’s New Ink?


I can't think of a better way to honor Abe Lincoln.

After the jump, another pic of a couple more of DeShawn's new tattoos.

(Photos courtesy Washington Times)


That's a crack on his forehead. "I don't crack," he said. "I feel like people always try to break me, but I don't crack. So, I put that there."

On his left cheek bone is the Pittsburgh Pirate's 'P'. "That's my favorite team," Stevenson said.

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  • Except the “P” is backwards… so it only looks like a “P” in the mirror

  • He seems like a cool dude (fart)

  • DB

    What a moron…the “explanation” for the crack alone proves it. Sounds like he needs to stay OFF the crack!

  • Vince Lencioni

    Antonio Daniels is free, we need a veteran back up at point guard, are the Celtics considering this move? Same goes with Raja Bell but if he cannot play the point, I think we have enough bodies there.

  • This guy is a bum, and i remember him falling onto KGs leg the wrong way last season, which was the start of the knee sleeve…

  • Lee in Oregon

    The Lincoln piece is awesome, but on the neck? It’s gonna look like Yoda everytime he puts his head down….guys will be laughing as they break him down. I know dude came straight outa high-school and likes to lose big bets to agent0, but what’s with the crack tat if u alledgedly don’t crack?

  • DB

    Cos he *smokes* it