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‘Sheed Expects Same Ole Awful Calls

Chuck - Red's Army September 29, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on ‘Sheed Expects Same Ole Awful Calls


Have you been wondering what Rasheed Wallace thinks of playing with replacement referees? Gary Washburn of the Globe found out:

"I know there’s going to be a
lot of stupid star calls like it is with the old refs, so I don’t
there’s going to be too much change."

You won't find a more honest quote than that. While Rasheed is right, I wouldn't be surprised if he got fined. There's more:

Do you think the replacement refs will be fair?

"I hope so. Of course I know they are going to come in all
happy-go-lucky 'Oh I have Sheed Wallace a tech tonight, ha ha ha.' But
I could care less about that. As long as we go out there and win, if
I’m on the floor, oh fine. If I’m not on the floor, I think guys are
still talented enough on this team with their high IQ to get that W."

Can you actually have discussions with officials or do they tune you out?

"There are a few officials that I can talk to but there are a few
officials that if I look at them the wrong way or breath too hard are
going to call a tech. It all depends on that official on how they feel
all night."

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