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Rashoid Lewis Upset With Pierce’s Tweet


Back in June, when the Lakers were embarrassing the Orlando Magic, Paul Pierce sent out this tweet:

Lakers vs orlando. Looked like a german sherperd vs a poodle that's ok the rotwieler celtics will b back in 2o10

Not surprisingly, the subject was brought up at Orlando's Media day and dramatically over-hyped by Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel:

Magic forward Rashard Lewis, during the team's Media Day Monday, took
umbrage with Pierce's Twitter remark and went after Pierce not like a
poodle but like a pitbull.

When a reporter brought up the Orlando Poodles comment made by
Pierce, Lewis emphasized the fact that Pierce made his remark on
Twitter. And you know what that means?

It means, Lewis said, Pierce was "at home" tweeting while the Magic were playing for the NBA championship.

Excellent point.

Wow. Lewis said Pierce was "at home" while he was playing in the finals? Bold words. This is a classic example of a reporter/columnist trying to make something out of nothing. 

Lewis probably wanted to fire back at Pierce, but thought better of it considering he's serving a 10-game suspension for taking a banned performance enhancing substance.

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  • Rashoid? cmon
    and honestly yeah this is something out of nothing
    I dont have a problem with what Pierce tweeted, and I dont have a problem with how rashard responded when pointlessly asked about an irrelevant tweet

  • Lex

    Hey, wait a minute.
    Making something out of nothing is how I put food on the table!

  • Don

    WOW! Lewis didnt say nothing because there is nothing to talk about, why would he care if he suspended for the first 10 games. If he really wanted to get back at Pierce he could have, He was being interviewed by the media at orlando and wanted to show that at least they made to championship! Pierce was out of line with the comment but who cares!! writers make big deals out of everything, especially here in boston!

  • I actually like ‘Shard’s game, but stopped liking HIM as much once he opened his mouth. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • Joseph

    He’s right. The Suckdics were at home tweeting while the Orlando Magic, who eliminated the Suckdics, continued to play basketball. It’s unfortunate, you guys don’t like the truth.

  • Lakerhater

    I love the truth, because Paul Pierce is the truth.

  • Really? eh, he’s not too dumb by NBA standards, he has class and humility

  • Huh..?? Sorry-you lost me on that one-the turning point for me: when they
    beat the Cavs to clinch a Finals appearance last year, he said “I’m glad we
    could beat them and get to the Conference Finals!” Just stuff like that-not
    too bright.

  • Lol, I think I actually saw that and forgot all about it…Yeah thats not too bright… But still by NBA standards? it was more then likely a slip up…
    I think the guy is a pretty quiet, humble kid with a good game.

  • Yeah, I do agree on the quiet and good game part. I do agree..

  • SorryMan

    The truth of choking and the epitome of a one championship glory

  • KY Celts fan

    how many championships do the magic have again?

  • CelticGuy

    So, the BIG 3 have been together 2 years and have 1 Championship, and made it pretty far year 2 without their best player. So that means they’re one and done ??? Health dictates who wins the Championship among the elite teams…..and Orlando IS NOT an elite team. See you in the Finals this year LA, can’t wait to get Kobe again and put that look on his face like after Game 6 of the 2008 Finals !!! As for the Magic….do you really think Vinsanity can replace Hedu at this stage of his career….no way !!

  • magic_fan_with_a_brain

    If you don’t think Orlando is an elite team then you’re probably a kid with a lot of hating going on. Common sense tells you orlando is an elite team, ignorance and unnecessary haterism tells you otherwise. Remember we took out a Philly team without Dwight for the last game, without Jameer the whole series, and without C.Lee for all but like 1 game. You guys took 7 games and 8 overtimes (which i thought was the best series in the playoffs) to knock out the bulls, even without KG and Powe the celtics barely got it done. You guys are a championship team with waaaaaaaaaay more experience than orlando…and we still got it done. The celtics are as good as they are because of age (experience) and are as bad as they are because of age (injuries/fatigue). Personally I like(d) Paul Pierce because of the type of player he is and how he took over Magic Johnson’s summer charity games with Baron Davis. I also was a huge fan of KG and was so happy when he finally won a ring BUT KG turned his back on “the kid” everybody loved and became this arrogant prick (no congrats or props to the magic just finger walking and trash talking) that I now hate and I can’t tell if pierce is just messing around with this bs talk he’s putting out there in the media so we’ll see how the magic players react to him when they match up. I used to think Boston was greater than orlando but not anymore. If anybody interprets this as hate on boston it isn’t, if anything its disappointment from a huge KG fan that despises him now because of the fool who replaced him. From class to trash…david stern puts a ring on his finger and he sells out…