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Only LeBron has been better than Paul Pierce

Pierce media day

I have waxed poetic about Paul Pierce before.  I do it a lot.  In my opinion, Paul Pierce is one of the most underrated superstars of our time. 

Well, maybe that's changing a little.  Or… maybe it's only the people who really know basketball who understand how great he has been.  Today, Ball Don't Lie ranked Paul Pierce the second best small forward of the decade.

One year, 2003-04, didn't work out all that well. Pierce
slept through the entire season.

Actually, 2006-07 was kind of a drag, Pierce was hurt and
the Celtics stunk it up, but other than that? He's been all you can ask for as
a small forward. Kind of annoying, pretty potent, sound in all areas

Number 1 is LeBron James and I'm not going to argue that.  But I like seeing Paul ranked higher than Tracy McGrady and Carmelo Anthony. 

People might not like him much, but KD hit the nail on the head:  he's all you can as for in a small forward.  He's a big-time scorer from anywhere on the floor and in the clutch… while maintaining the ability to defend, rebound and pass.

The sad thing is that for some people, Paul Pierce's Hall of Fame status is up for some kind of debate.  The fact is, there is no debate.  He's going to make a speech in Springfield.  He deserves to.

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  • Antoinew8

    This was a great top of the list, but the rest was a mess.
    Here’s the real deal:
    10. Jamal Mashburn
    9. Caron Butler
    8. Glenn Robinson
    7. Rashard Lewis
    6. Peja Stoijakovic
    5. Shawn Marion
    4. Carmello Anthony
    3. Tracy McGrady
    2. Paul Pierce
    1. LeBron “not gonna win a title with Shaq” James

  • antoinew8

    Look for rasheed and KG to make the Power forwards list that Kelly does tomorrow, and maybe Al Jefferon to sqeak onto the Centers list the day after(If she has any sense, which with some of these lists she’s crazy, I mean iguodala shouldn’t even be sniffing the best SF list)

  • KY Celts fan

    For the PF list, I think KG and Sheed are 1 and 2. No other power forwards dominate like these two.

  • Lex

    Right after he raises the second banner. He doesn’t need it to get in the hall, but dammit, he deserves it.
    BTW, DJ is the second best guard of his generation 77-86, and he’s not in the hall, despite 3 championships, all-nba defense, blah blah blah


    Sheed and KG are in the top but what about TIM DUNCAN?

  • Tim is THE best power forward of all time.
    People forget that KG was a hybrid kind of player early on. He was listed as a small forward for a long time.
    But regardless of how you classify them, Tim Duncan’s, and the Spurs’, sustained greatness puts him at #1.

  • Paddy

    Def Duncan #1 KG #2

  • Saying Pierce is the 2nd best small forward of the generation is like saying basketballs are round

  • lol…
    KG is # 2 quite a ways from Duncan
    Sheed is behind, dirk, chris webber, KG, Duncan..I suppose he gets ahead of the Boozer, Amares and boshs of the world only because he was more prevelant in the generation

  • KG did play small forward quite a bit early on, and still somewhat plays more like a SF/SG…but i dont think he was ever listed as a “SF”…if anything just “F”

  • Jason

    Duncan is great, no question, but he had major TEAM advantages over KG this decade. He had help everywhere. Robinson, Popovich, Parker, Ginobili, Finley, Horry, others. As an organization the Spurs were far superior to Wolves and it’s not close. Duncan of course deserves a large part of the credit. But if you strip it down to just the player performance, it’s not so clear cut. KG is like the best rebounder of all time almost. There aren’t many who can match his defensive prowess AND versatility. And oh yeah, he’s got quite an offensive game as well. Inside, outside, more of a high flyer, too, than Duncan. And he did it with about a tenth of the support Duncan had around him. KG definitely has an argument as the top PF.

  • JD

    I agree, but I feel like if one was to make a “best players of the last decade” list, then KG would be in front of Duncan because of that versatility. Duncan played the PF position better than anyone else, but KG was a better basketball player. He is the quite possibly the most versaitle player of the last ten years, or even all time.

  • KY Celts fan

    That’s a good point. Duncan completely slipped my mind. I can see Sheed behind Dirk, but I think he’s ahead of Chris Webber.