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“Marquis looked good, Rasheed looked good”

Sheed quis

Paul Pierce says so.

“It is like first day of school," said Pierce. "You’re excited. You got
your new lunch pail, new clothes, showing off. It’s the same thing. You
come out here you got new teammates you’re excited about to get back on
the court and show it off. It was good to see these guys fit in real
well. Marquis (Daniels) looked good. Rasheed (Wallace) looked good, and
these guys fit into what we’re trying to do because they’re such
selfless players. With the way our system is built, they are going to
be able to thrive.”

Day 1 is in the books… and I like it.  More pictures from the first day of camp after the jump.

All photos courtesy Associated Press

Day 1 house

Day 1 kg

Day 1 pierce

Day 1 sheed

Giddens shirtless

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  • Alex

    Giddens is such a show off lmao
    Damn, Wallace needs to change his sneakers.

  • Celtics.com has some good interviews from today:

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    And the Boston Celtic with the smallest nipples is…

  • awkward.

  • I’m surprised he wore those. But from what I know of Sheed, he just likes to be comfortable. Those look like the same AF1’s he’s had for years. I would imagine Nike already has some white/green ones made for him. Maybe he’s just waiting for preseason to bust them out.