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Our long national nightmare is finally over

Today… NBA basketball returns. 

Sort of.

Guys will be in Waltham in uniform and answering questions… which counts right now.  And we look forward to bringing you a first-hand perspective.  Granted, it will be someone else's first-hand perspective since the team has shut us out… again.  At least it's part of a rigid anti-blog policy through which everyone is shut out and forced to cherry-pick from the mainstream media.  OH WAIT

Until the guys start talking today, you can read the Herald's single column summary of everything we've done here for two months.  The Patriot Ledger is also looking at potential roadblocks for the upcoming season.

Other than that… I'm tapped.  We're dying for guys to all show up and start talking so we can start having actual topics to write about.

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  • sorry guys, I would have liked to have seen you there too

  • Hey… it’s not your fault.
    That’s OK. They’ll be begging for us to give them some publicity some day.

  • BigMck

    Is this the first time they’ve let you attend?

  • Orb

    Whose brother in law is “JimmyT?”

  • gordbillybob

    I wrote the Celtics demanding they treat you like any other journalist….no one has replied yet…but we’ll see.

  • I can feel the pre-season coming in the air tonight…..

  • 11rings

    I haven’t done my homework on this issue of exclusion of bloggers from access to teams, so I’m pretty ignorant of the whole situation. But I just thought I’d ask whether the teams are trying to deny access to bloggers whose sites contain family un-friendly material to avoid appearing to endorse that kind of content. Whether they should deny access based on that is a thorny issue – we do have freedom of speech in this country, but I do have some sympathy for teams trying to protect their image.

  • They can pick and choose who to let in. Not letting us in doesn’t exclude us from the right to express ourselves.
    But I DO get a little upset that some blogs get in and some don’t.
    Like I’ve said… they’ll come looking to us at some point. They’re going to need us soon enough.

  • BigMck

    We use words like douchebag but so does Mike Felger. Would they deny him access?

  • AMP

    I don’t disagree. If I were in charge of Celtics press, I would be hesitant to invite a website that uses sexy pics to drive traffic and where readers comment regularly use inappropriate language and gay slurs.
    However, with that said, I find the postings on Red’s Army to be of high journalistic integrity (albeit biased) and is my first choice for Celtics news. I do wish they were privy to the press conferences…and I also am entertained by the comments!

  • AMP

    I was really talking about the language in the comments, not the postings. I love the word douchebag, and douche which I think has a little more sting!

  • thanks

  • So they would deny SI.com too? Because they use a ton of dancer/cheerleader pics. Where do you think I steal them from?

  • AMP

    Good point…though I am only trying to say I would hesitate if I were in their shoes. Frankly, I want them to, but I think I am more comfortable then most with blogs as a news source.

  • Yeah… we let some shit slide in the comments. If that’s what’s going to keep us from going, then they can screw. I’m not going to sit here and water anything down just to so I can get access.
    Bottom line is… we are who we are and we’re not going to change. If that costs us interviews… so be it. Enough people are interviewing these guys anyway and most of the stuff they say is televised. It would be nice to ask my own questions… but not at the expense of our site.
    CelticsBlog plays it straight. They do a great job at it. We’re not them. We play our stuff a different way. We’re an alternative. And if being that alternative rubs the Celtics media department the wrong way… then I’m OK with that.

  • I think their marketing department is foolish to shut you out. You advertise their brand in a positive way. Besides, it’s MEDIA DAY. If you won’t recognize blogs on Media Day, when will you? Seems archaic and short-sighted to me. They should look to the Suns organization as an example of effective marketing through inclusion.

  • Jason

    As outsiders you can remain more objective. If you start softening your statements because you fear loss of access then much of what makes you unique is compromised. You become a lap dog like the other outlets. I say remain outsiders.

  • That’s part of an interesting debate. It’s kinda the Deadspin model. No access makes us unbiased.
    Hell… Twitter even makes it hard. What happens the first time Shelden Williams gives us 10 horrible minutes? Do I ease up on him cuz we’ve interacted on Twitter and I know he reads our stuff?
    It’s hard. The key is to be fair. Call it as you see it. And don’t be mean-spirited. At least.. TRY not to be mean spirited *cough* *cough* CHUCK…