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KG: “I Didn’t Know It Was That Bad”

Kevin Garnett is sharing details about his injured knee with the media.

"I think everything was pretty much straightforward with the
procedures," said Garnett. "They took me through what was going to
occur, post and prior to, and everything's been just like that.
Everything's been right on schedule."

"No surprises, other than the severity of the injury," said Garnett. "I didn't know it was that bad."

"It was just what we thought it was, but it was more than
that," said Garnett. "Put it like this, a bone spur the size of this
tape recorder ended up being the size of this microphone…It's pretty
severe, but the best thing about it is I got it out of the way. I'm
almost 100 percent going forward. The best thing about it is I'm
playing without any pain, which is something I haven't had in quite
some time."

I guess this explains the mystery surrounding Garnett's knee. No one, not  KG, Doc, Danny, or the Celtics doctors, knew the extent of this injury. Once they got inside, the bone spur turned out to be a bit bigger than expected. The good news is that KG was cleared to play 5-on-5 basketball last week.

Yes, we are still pissed the Celtics denied us access to Media day. In an attempt to lift my spirits, I've decided to post this newly discovered picture of our favorite dancer – Alison Preston.


Not bad huh? You'll find some additional new pictures in our photo gallery.

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  • Jason

    As I mentioned in a previous post, remain outsiders. It makes for more interesting writing, as you’d otherwise likely soften negative comments in order to remain insiders.
    Besides, you think with access you’d be able to ask actually interesting questions and get interesting answers, but it would only happen very occasionally if you had a specific close relationship with a player. The vast majority of other times you’ll ask a legit question, they’ll give politic-speak non-answers. You’ll be tempted to call them on it, but either 1) you won’t get to ask a follow-up or 2) if you do, they’ll again deflect and then not allow you back again.
    If you are enjoying a certain amount of access through Twitter, I would leverage that as best as you can. I think it’ll ultimately pay dividends and without having to play games with the Celtics org.

  • John

    Wait, so does this mean that the Celtics DON’T have an excuse for not winning this year? Thank goodness!