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Caption This: What’s dropping Bill Walker’s jaw?

Bill walker media day

Something has clearly amazed Bill Walker at media day. 

Have at it.

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  • JD

    Erin Andrews just walked by….

  • Fsantos33

    Doc’: “Hey Bill I am starting you in all our preseason games”.

  • G4L

    Damn is that tall bald greek guy wearing a redsarmy shirt really trying to break in to Media Day!

  • JD

    Cleveland Cavaliers fans clearly like picturing their star player participate in gay sexual activities.

  • jayc

    “I’ve been traded to the Kings”

  • Joe

    I seriously got to battle Michael Sweetney for a roster spot?

  • BigMck

    I hate deleting comments but that clown “King James is a Beast” is posting profane comments which have no place on this site.
    Keep it up clown and you’ll be banned.

  • Scott

    Doc: “I’m looking for Scalabrine to play a big role of the bench this year, take up a lot of time at the 3 and the 4.”

  • fan: “can I have your autograph?”
    walker: “WOW!! someone actually wants my autograph!!! this is the happiest day of my life!!”
    fan: “thanks Antoine Walker. your my favorite player.”
    Walker: “antoine wal….NO, I’m Bill Walker.”
    fan:” who?….nevermind about that autograph then.

  • Is it me or does Walker look like he’s added a few pounds?
    (That’s not a caption, just an observation)

  • Sean

    “did BigMck just call me fat?!”

  • ” Is that Greg Dickerson or a beached whale”

  • Fsantos33

    Bill visited mama’s house for home cooked meals one too many times.

  • Lee in Oregon

    “damn, Candace is fine!”

  • Jesus Christ Super Baller.

    Just got the news that Ron Artest is on the Lakers.

  • KY Celts fan

    “They think I’m J.R. Giddens?!”

  • phillip

    “I always mouth the word when I write”

  • No way!!!!!!! John found his dog!!!!

  • King James is the Best

    see if i give a fuck, i’ll come back with a different name and even if i can’t post comments on here, who gives a shit, its just a loser ass celtics site. i just like seeing how pissed off u guys get whenever i talk the truth about the Cavs beating the Celtics this yr.

  • Scooter macDougal

    “Say what??? You traded me to a WNBA team?”

  • Nice catch on the wrong caption on Yahoo

  • thetitleisours

    He saw Alyssa Milano’s modeling pictures of Celtics apparel

  • I agree-Walker is jacked-not all muscle, some bulk, but man, he is big. I really believe that he is a beast waiting to happen.

  • “I gotta sign how many more of these god damned ugly-ass balls..?”

  • Tony allen made a jump shot

  • things that wouldnt come close to surprising bill enough to get this reaction:
    michael beasley checks into rehab