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10 More Years!

RedsArmyAdmin September 28, 2009 Uncategorized 7 Comments on 10 More Years!

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The Herald has a quick recap of Media Day.  And one thing that stood out to me is the fact that Danny and Rajon Rondo's people have begun talking extension.

Ainge said he has had preliminary talks with Rajon Rondo about a
contract extension. The C’s have until Oct. 31 to extend Rondo’s
contact, or he’ll become a restricted free agent next summer. Ainge
said the plan is for Rondo to be the team’s point guard for the next 10
years, but said he won’t be commenting further on the state of the

10 more years of Rondo?  I think I can handle that.  Let's start with something that makes sense… and is allowable by the CBA.  Rondo, however, isn't focusing on the contract.. he's focusing on the season.

"Ask my agent," Rondo said. "I don't really think about that
(contract), I just try to focus on camp. If it's going to happen it's
going to happen. If not, I'll play it out. I want to be wherever I'm
wanted the next 10 years; if Danny wants me, I'll be here the next 10
years. I have sat down with Danny, but we didn't speak about contract,
we talked about expectations for the season. I try to focus on —
trying to get a ring, got to get one this year. I don't think it will
be on my mind, I won't alow it to affect me when I play. But, of
course, everyone wants security and it would be great if I could sign

Rondo also says he's added about 11 pounds of muscle… which should help when he hits the deck about 20 times a game. Speaking of Rondo… the indication today was that he could be backed up by Lester Hudson

Ainge said he doesn’t see the need to bring another guard into camp to
compete with second-round draft pick Lester Hudson. Big man Michael
Sweetney, who was invited to training camp, was present.

So maybe it's Hudson's job to lose… and then we'll have to figure it out from there. 

Basketball gets played tomorrow in Newport.  And the world can resume spinning on its axis.

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  • John

    As a Lakers fan, I really really really hope Celts sign Rondo for 10 year… 15 years! I hope he’s a Celtics for life. Give him as much money as he wants. Make him feel happy and content!
    ppuahhahahahaha. Yea, and the Lakers will give Jordan Farmar max money too. hahahahahaha

  • redStoolsArmy

    good one?

  • JD

    Are you comparing Rondo to Farmar? If you are, then you are, to put it simply, an idiot. I don’t need to explain any furthur.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Whoa. Lame.

  • BigMck

    I nominate this comment as one of the dumbest to ever appear on this site.

  • KY Celts fan

    Hooray! I have that same shirt! Bought it at Target. This makes me and Rondo shirt buddies.
    wow. sad.

  • zippittyay

    I got that same exact watch in the big scooping crane game just outside the door at Target too! I bet Rondo got his with a lot fewer than the 17 quarters it took me….