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Back to Work

Chuck - Red's Army September 27, 2009 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Back to Work

The Celtics finally get back to work this week. As related to basketball, the last six weeks have been brutally boring.

Here's a look at the key dates in the next two weeks:

  • Monday, 9/28 – Media Day
  • Tuesday, 9/29 – Training camp opens
  • Thursday, 10/1 – My birthday
  • Wednesday, 10/7 – Celtics vs Houston
  • Friday – 10/9 – Knicks vs Celtics

I'm looking forward to seeing KG in action (will there be any hitch in his stride?) and hearing what he has to say about the knee.

Unfortunately for me and you, Celtics management and their media relations staff refuse to acknowledge bloggers. Even though more fans read our site than say, the Lawrence Eagle Tribune sports page, they will get access and we won't.

What can we do? Until John changes the world with his speech at Blogs with Balls, I guess we'll have to settle with annoying emails. Click here to let the Celtics know how you feel about this stone-age policy. As always, stay classy Army followers.

In other news, WEEI's Jess Camerato talked with hoops couple Shelden Williams and Candace Parker:

A crowd gathered to watch the basketball power couple tough it out. It
was a one-on-one battle between the Duke record-holder and the future
face of women's basketball. They had faced off before in friendly
matchups, but this time it was different.

“I know when I took her to my hometown in Oklahoma City we played a
little bit harder,” Shelden Williams told in an exclusive
interview. “We had a little crowd and everything, and she pulled a
Bruce Bowen and put her foot underneath my foot and twisted my ankle.”

The Lamar Odom circus-like sideshow continues. The Lakers forward is supposed to get married today to Khloe Kardashian, but now there are reports this speedy wedding is tied to her reality show and the ceremony will be "non-binding."

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  • John

    when Sheldon Williams and Candace Parker played one of one, I heard there was a lot of “seriously honey, you’re embarrassing me out here.”

  • Again back to work. So lazy I am…