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Another has-been deciding between Boston & Phoenix


First it was Grant Hill… then it was Dan Dickau

Now, Bobby Jackson is reportedly deciding between Phoenix and Boston for his one last NBA fling (Via CelticsBlog).

Depending on which source you read, Jackson has been mentioned to be headed to the Celtics
or the Suns. Whichever route he takes, he will probably have to earn a
job with a non-guaranteed contract. He will have to prove he still has
flashes of brilliance.

Here's hoping he has some spring left in
his step, another season in him and that he is properly honored by the
Kings when he retires.

Might as well just get the "Bobby Jackson doesn't care about winning" post together now for when he inevitably chooses Phoenix like everyone else.  People say we're old here in Boston… but Phoenix is like an NBA graveyard right now. 

In other news, the first couple of power rankings are out.  Predictably, the Lakers are #1 in the Sporting News and ESPN polls… and I'm not surprised at both listing the Celtics at #3 since there are questions about KG's knee.  But ESPN ranks the Magic #2… while Sporting News puts Orlando at #8.  8??  Part of this is the complete BS that generally surrounds power rankings… but I still find that surprising. 

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  • The most surprising ranking in the ESPN poll? Cavaliers at 4.

  • zippittyay

    Detroit at 18? Generous if you ask me. Starting lineup: Stuckey, Hamilton, Prince, Villanueva and Kwame Brown?? They couldn’t even beat their own bench of Ben Gordon, Ben Wallace, Jason Maxiell, Wilcox and Bynum. It’s gonna get ugly in Motor City. You know it’s bad when your 2 best players play the same position.

  • JD

    Whats that guys name who screwed up his knee from the Clippers? Cuz if he’s healthy, he would be a perfect backup point. He’s big enough to cover 2s and 3s, but he’s actually a legit point guard too.

  • Gordbillybob

    Crazy…sporting news has Washington at 7, what is wrong with these guys? Putting the Wiz atop the Magic is ridiculous!!! RIDICULOUS!! At best they’re 5th in the East! Sporting News FAIL!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’ve been hoping Bobby Jackson would be on DA’s radar….I think he’s the best of the lot (Lue, Tinsley, Arroyo, etc). He can shoot, handle the ball, and wont make alot of mistakes, a solid pro who would fit great on this team. Did I mention he can shoot?
    JD-The Clips guy is Shawn Livingston….I believe he’s under contract in Memphis.

  • Antoinew8

    The ESPN ranking is the more realistic of the two rankings with Cleveland Fourth, you’ve got to see how Shaq fits in or hurts with LeBron. But of course, all pre-season rankings (especially college football) are meaningless. Here’s Mine, just for fun:
    1. Boston Celtics – they were the best team last year until KG got hurt. so as long as he stays healthy, they stay number one.(plus since last year after the celtics won the NBA title, everyone ranked the Lakers number one over the C’s so this is payback.)
    2.L.A. Lakers – Will Artest hurt or help? Will Lamar resort back to “lazy Lamar” now that he’s got his money? Will Gasol be tired from the Euro championships? Do they even have a Point guard anymore? If even one of these questions goes wrong, they could be in trouble.
    3.San Antonio Spurs – Simply put – if healthy (As seems to be the case with most teams)
    4.Cleveland cavaliers – Will Shaq help them like he helped the Heat years ago with Wade? Or will it be Phoenix all over again of Shaq clogging the lane and slowing things up. Plus, with all the additions the Cavs made to help them beat the Magic, will those same additions actually hurt them if the Celtics still are the number one contender to look out for? (Sure Moon does a decent job on Paul, but Perk can handle shaq, Parker can’t stay with Ray, and KG can stop Varijao)
    5.Orlando Magic – Just like the Cav’s and Shaq, the Magic’s big addition of Carter could hurt the team, just as much as they think it will help. Plus, is the swapping of Hedu and Courtney lee for Carter and Bass a good one?
    6.Portland Blazers – With Denver likely to take a step back after loosing nearly their entire bench, it’s up for grabs wether Utah or Portland will take the lead in the Northwest division. i say with the addition of the uderrated Andre miller, the Blazers take the prize(but just barely)
    7.Phoenix Suns – The Suns will be AMAZING this year now that Shaq is gone. Yes the team is older than when they were the great run and gunners a few years back, but they still Have Nash at an A- level, a healthy Amare without Shaq in his way in the post will be great, Hill showed he can make it through a full season and be productive, and JRich will be back to his outstanding ways in a run and gun system. They’d be higher on my list if it weren’t for the stupid three division leaders getting the top three spots in the conferences, because likely they will have close to the second total amount of wins in the west, but with the lakers in the same division, they’re screwed.
    8.Utah Jazz – A healthy Deron and Boozer to start the season will be big. Plus Boozer is a good chip they could use during the season to get any player they might need to help the team down the stretch run.
    9.Dalas Mavericks – This team could be higher on my list if Marion turns out to be the Marion of old, and if Josh Howard gets a clue one of these days and stays consistant.
    10.Denver Nuggets – Denvers great starting group is still around, but the bench has to play sometime too. And with only Ty Lawson(a rookie) as their best scoring option off the bech, look for the team to take a dive this year.
    11.Atlanta Hawks – they’ve pretty much solidified the 4 spot in the east can’t go any higher, and likely won’t drop more than a spot at worst.
    12. Washington Wizards – If Gilbert is healthy, this team could actually give Orlando a run for their division if the Carter thing doesn’t work out.
    13. Toronto raptors – With Hedu, they have a winning mentality again, could move up to the fourth spot in the east is the rookie DeMarr DeRozen turns out to be the real deal.
    14. Miami Heat. – Wade’s Superhuman abilities could push this team higher, but with only Quentin Richardson as the other outside shooter on this team, they could struggle to score a lot. Jermain oneal having a full healthy year though could help that.
    15. New Orleans Hornets – in a lot of “pros” eyes, the addition of Emeka Okafor over Chandler is a good one. Health wise i might say so, but Chandler and Paul had a conection that Okafor and him will never have, plus the team has no shooting guard and Peja keeps sliiping each year. Plus Posey is not the Posey they hoped they were getting a year ago.
    16.L.A. Clippers – They have a good team now, if Dunleavy just gets over himself and lets Baron Davis do his thing, they could be even better.
    17. Detroit Pistons. Their starting team may look sad with Villanueva Stucky and Kwame in it, but if you’ve got ben Gordon on your team, you have a chance to win games.
    18. Chicago Bulls – Without Gordon, they don’t even make the playoffs last year. yes Miller and Salmons having a full training camp could help and Deng coming back from injury could too, but not as much as keeping ben Gordon would have. Rose can’t do it all by himself. At best they could be as good as Miami.
    19. Golden State Warriors
    20. Oklahoma City Thunder
    21. Charlotte Bobcats
    22. Indiana Pacers
    23. Memphis Grizzlies
    24. Philadelphia 76ers – no point guard
    25. Milwaulkee Bucks
    26. Houston Rockets
    27. New York Knicks
    28. Sacramento Kings
    29. New Jersey Nets
    30. Minnesotta T-Wolves
    Sorry for the long post, i got a lot to say.

  • Finn

    Hey JD you’re talking about Sean Livingston, he was definitely on the come-up and I hear he’s trying incredibly hard to make a comeback but I think he’s still rehabbing and nowhere near ready for NBA ball. It’s a good idea though he woulda been a perfect backup. And wat’s happening with Mike Taylor is he goin to the Celtics training camp or not im confused?

  • King James is the Best

    fuck no, SHAUN Livingston plays for the thunder, they picked him up last season dumbass celtic follower

  • Lee in Oregon

    Great post! u made some nice points but Phoenix at #7, and u wish u could put them higher? I dont see then making the playoffs unless its the 8th spot. Denver, Dallas, Utah, N’orleans are all better (IMO). peace

  • m.a.

    please do not bring this guy to camp. his like what 38 years old. he is another eddie house. not a true point guard. his always getting injured. we got enough dinos on this team already. about try to get raja bell.

  • Finn

    Oh true King James…. who in the hell watches the damm thunder u little ish-talkin punk. I will break u u little cybergeek nerd. Go suck Lebron off a little more until maybe he realizes he will never be jordan.

  • Bobby Jackson would be an improvement over our current backup PG (we don’t have one). I Tweeted to Chad Ford that I was surprised he had Orlando over Boston in the preseason poll. His response to me was that he can’t have Boston at #1 until it’s proven that KG is ready to go. That says alot. I kind of feel the same way. Something has just been a little off about this whole situation since last year. The Celts keep saying that they are just being “cautious”. I will be convinced once I see him in uniform and on the floor banging bodies.

  • WOW! Ha ha…