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Pierce Pissed Off About Replacement Refs

(Warning: Video contains NSFW language)

Paul Pierce is not happy that the league is willing to start the season with replacement referees:

“I think it’s terrible that they don’t have a deal in place,” Pierce
said. “The league needs to step up and get it in place. Last [season]
they talked about difficulties with the refs … and I’m like, ‘These
guys have been around all these years and now you’re throwing out
replacement refs?’

“Just talking to other NBA guys and getting a feel about how they feel, a lot of them aren’t happy about it.”

“You get a guy who refereed YMCA games, you’re trying to get him to go
out there and referee pro games?” Pierce said. “…Hopefully they can get
a deal in place and move forward.”

The Truth has every right to be upset. Quite frankly, I'm surprised more players aren't speaking out about the issue. They'd better do it now, because once the season starts, replacement refs or not, officiating criticism will cost them cash.

I see both sides of this story. Business is business and the league needs to draw the line somewhere in salary negotiations with the referee union.

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  • Great choice for a movie clip
    “Suck my cock I’ll murder your family….”
    “you’re outta here”
    “WHAT DID I SAY??”
    Love it.

  • Krack

    wise move Paul.even though what u said is truee.now the replacement refs gonna hate u and the Celtics. Great. !!!

  • Orb

    Maybe that’s what Perk kept saying under his breath last season.

  • Jason

    Seems like very short-sighted comments from the Captain. It’s not going to be YMCA refs. Are you serious? Do you really think the hierarchy of officials in the world goes from 1) NBA refs to 2) YMCA ref? There aren’t 50 layers in between? I, for one, will be ecstatic if I’ve seen my last game reffed by Bavetta, Salvatore, Palmer, Kennedy, Crawford et al.

  • DB

    That scene always cracks me up, the look on Will Ferrell’s face after he gets T’d up “What’d I say?” The ball punt into the crowd is the icing on the cake…I’ve wondered why some players don’t do that after an utterly shite call in real life…

  • haha

    Is this going to be another excuse from the smeltics when they lose? “The refs are rigged”, “They are inexperienced”.. Blah Blah Blah.

  • “Business is business and the league needs to draw the line somewhere in salary negotiations with the referee union.”
    Man, these billionaire owners needs to chill and just give the refs their salaries. I can’t believe you’re excusing them for locking the refs out and bringing in scab refs. Sure they make mistakes but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost the right to earn a living. The league want to make things a whole lot worse for the refs in the terms of employment, and I sympathize completely with the refs on this issue. I’m actualy thinking about boycotting the league until this is solved. It makes me sick.

  • KY Celts fan

    “We didn’t have Bynum.” “We didn’t have Ariza.” “Gasol only had half a season with the team.” “The refs were completely biased in Game 2.”
    I have never heard a Lakers fan use an excuse when they lose. Ever. Seriously. I mean that.