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Once a Laker Hater, Always a Laker Hater

Celtics legend Sam Jones hasn't played a game in 40 years, but he never lost his distaste for the Lakers. Here's what Sam said to the Lawrence Eagle Tribune:

"Who have they added? The kid from Houston (Ron Artest) is pretty good,
but he won't be enough. All I can say is I saw what the Celtics did to
them two years ago in the finals. They killed the Lakers. And I believe
the Celts would have beaten them again in the finals if not for the

"I like the Celtics over the Lakers in six games," said Jones. "I think
they're the best team in the league and Rasheed makes them better. You
can write that."

Gotta love ol' #24. And not just because he's helping my legends team beat down John's team.

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  • this is the stupidest thing i have ever read.. ya, the cetlics beat the lakers in the finals but that was with no ariza and bynum and im sorry but thatmakes a big difference no matter what you fa gs say. Also, last year our players were much better. So now if we play in the finals you cannot say you have a better lineup than fisher, kobe, artest gasol bynum … and odom, .. im sorry but the lakers are repeating . sucks to be a celtic

  • haha

    wow even more excuses…dont they get tiring of making the same old excuses over and over again?

  • Joseph

    Isn’t using the injury to KG the same exactly excuse???
    “Well the Suckdics would’ve won if KG wasn’t injured….”
    By the way, the feeling is mutual, true Laker fans HATE EVERYTHING about Boston.

  • NineSevenEight

    …Says the Laker fan following a Boston sports blog…
    By the way, true Celtics fans HATE EVERYTHING about HeLL.A. so much they don’t waste their time with Laker blogs.

  • hahah

    They dont waste their time with Lakers blog, yet they post Lakers news up. Good one lol. They also try to make nothing into something.

  • NineSevenEight

    When did Sam Jones play for the Lakers? To classify a Sam Jones quote as “lakers news” is laughable. But I guess that’s expected when the most reputable new source to come out of California is TMZ.
    A Celtic great was asked a question about the rivalry (in relation to offseason moves and anticipation of the upcoming season, I’m sure) by a reporter and answered it…That’s how journalism works. It’s about the rivalry! It’s not really THAT hard to understand.
    I guess NBA players, current and former, aren’t allowed to answer questions or comment publicly about other teams, now?
    You’re “kinda making nothing into something.”

  • Joseph

    I don’t think he was classifying the Sam Jones article as Laker news dip sh*t.
    I think he was referring to the articles posted about Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, etc.

  • Lakerhater

    Amen Sam, Amen.

  • NineSevenEight

    Spoken like a true dimwitted Lakers fan avidly following a Celtics blog.
    Because I’m sure you won’t find ANY Celtics hate on a Lakers blog. The difference is I just don’t care enough to look. Plus, there’s nothing more interesting to learn about the Lakers than Odom marrying a beast.
    Cheers, bitch!