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Marquis Daniels Loves His Twitter & Dogs

In case you haven't noticed, Marquis Daniels loves to Twitter. He can be quite entertaining, provided you can understand his slang and abbreviations. He also responds to his fans. Here's a recent exchange he had with John after he tweeted about his affection for the city of Orlando:

John: You can love Orlando all you want… as long as you're willing to drop 20 on them in the playoffs.

Marquis: Best2believeit

But last night, a tweet by Daniels raised a few eyebrows. Here's the story, told by TrueHoop:

Last night, Zach Lowe of Celtics Hub e-mailed somewhat alarmed to have seen that Marquis Daniels had tweeted this:

body got a rednose pit dat u wana breed wit my Orlando raised brown
eyed Doberman I have her tail n ears clipped…she's a prize fighter 

ghost of Michael Vick. Please, Mr. Daniels, on behalf of the Celtics
and all that is holy, explain this in a way that makes sense. You are
not really bragging about your prize fighter of a dog, right?

Lowe reached out to Daniels by Twitter last night, and got a couple of quick denials that this might be what it appears to be:

  • celticshub it was a joke towards someone I kno back in orlando alot of my posts r me joking on someone 
  • wat did u think I was talkn bout….lmao, ion even like animals wit teeth….lol

Daniels added one final update this morning apparently in response to the TrueHoop story:

whom it may concern I don't fight dogs/cats/chickens/
elephants/kangaroos r wateva it was a joke stop tryn to make nothing
into somethn

I don't fault Zach of Celtics Hub for asking Daniels to clarify the response. He clearly didn't make a big deal out of it since there is no mention of the exchange on his blog.

This is just one small example of why leagues and teams don't want athletes messing around with Twitter. It doesn't take much for a joke to be misunderstood and blown way out of proportion. Here's hoping Daniels doesn't get Twitter-shy in the future.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Hilarious joke Quesy! Stop, you’re killing me! Now tell the “joke” about how the weed is better in Fla…
    Or, how about gettin back in the gym and keeping outa trouble for the next 9 months.

  • I feel bad saying this, but dude from CelticsHub just seems not to bright or just really,really sheltered. I saw/read the whole exchange with Marquis Daniels. CelticsHub dude comes out with “can you explain the dog-breeding post?” which was just dumb (imo). Could’ve said something like, “what did you mean by the post about the pitbull/doberman?”. Then, after Marquis responds, this kid says: “ha! you never know these days,what do you prefer, birds?” WTF IS THAT..? Birds? That was really, really dumb and embarassing. Sorry, but people like that bug the crap out of me.

  • Do you hear that…?? “GLUG..GLUG…GULP..GLUG”. It’s Lee choking down a big glass of Haterade. Enjoy Lee.

  • Oh btw,this whole thing is on their blog (CelticsSchlub) now..ARGH.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Jamey, dont choke on your own drool.

  • Nice! That’s the spirit!