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Is Rondo the 27th Best Player in NBA?

In Slam Online's ranking of the Top 50 players in the NBA, our very own Rajon Rondo comes in at #27:

With Garnett out, he became their pitbull (just
ask Kirk Hinrich), point guard and leader. He had the heart, the grit
and the stats as well. Averaging a near triple-double, Rajon Rondo
became the pulse of his team without warning, emerging as a leader
without explanation or expectation.

A third-year player known more for his ugly shooting percentages
outside of the lane, Rondo moved into the fast lane with the blink of
an eye. When people were questioning whether he’d be anything without
the luxury of playing alongside the big three of Ray, Pierce and Kevin,
in the playoffs he flipped the script and they were the ones thankful
that they had him running not just the offense but their squad…

Rondo’s presence is as integral to this team’s
success as Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Rivers and ubuntu itself. In the
past season and postseason he has emerged not only as the final
cornerstone of the Celtics “foursome”, but as an All-Star and elite
point guard in the NBA.

Slick glides to the basket, the ability to knife through
double-teams and defenders and smooth passes that surprise everyone but
his coach who knew he had it inside of him defines Rondo’s game.
Everything he’s not on a basketball court -read: a proficient shooter-
has only aided in making him who he is: a savvy, headstrong point guard
who will get into the lane at all costs.

There's no denying the fact Rajon Rondo is on his way to becoming one of the best players in the league. Exactly where he falls on a list of the Top 50 is up for debate.

Other notable players who rank below Rondo on the list: Manu Ginobili (29), Shaq (30), Gilbert Arenas (34), Ray Allen (36), and Ron Artest (42).

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  • Lex

    Is Rondo the best player on the Celtics? Better yet, on how many nights out of 82 is Rondo the best player on the celtics? If mroe than any other celtic, does that make him the best?

  • Antoinew8

    i love Rondo as much as the next guy, and he can do so many things great, but until those games where he decides to pout go away, and he starts to hit a consistant jumper, there’s no way he’s 27th. I’d say put him in the early to mid-30’s. Because he’s not better than Manu, Butler, Boozer, Jamison, and after last years playoff performance Ben Gordon. And i’d maybe even put Kevin Martin ahead of him if he didn’t play for Sacramento

  • Glad Rondo is finally getting his props. Can’t WAIT to see him get into an even better groove this year. Soon my friends SOON!
    Changing topics, I saw the story in the news today and am glad you were able to find your “baby” John. Its amazing the technological age we live in! If it had been 20 years ago, there is no WAY you could spread the word that fast! Great story with a great ending!

  • Antoinew8

    Here’s My top 50:(Just as meaningless as Slams)
    1.Kobe Bryant 2.LeBron james 3.Dwayne Wade 4.Tim Duncan 5.Chris Paul 6.Kevin Garnett 7.Dwight Howard 8.Dirk Nowitzki 9.Paul Pierce 10.Kevin Durant 11.Brandon Roy 12.Deron Williams 13.Amare Stoudemire 14.Danny Granger 15.Carmello Anthony 16.Chris Bosh 17.Joe johnson 18.Al Jefferson 19.Chauncey Billup 20.Tony Parker 21.Yao Ming 22.Vince Carter 23.Pau Gasol 24.Ben Gordon 25.Michael Redd 26.Caron Butler 27.Steve Nash 28.Antawn Jamison 29.Manu Ginobili 30.Carlos Boozer 31.Baron Davis 32. Rashard Lewis 33.Devin Harris 34.Gerald Wallace 35.Rajon Rondo 36.Kevin Martin 37.Derrick Rose 38.Shaquille Oneal 39.Rudy gay 40.Hedu Turkoglu 41.Allen Iverson 42.David West 43.Richard Jefferson 44.Gilbert Areanas 45.Andre Iguodala 46.Steven jackson 47.Ray Allen 48.Josh Smith 49.Corey Maggette 50.Ron Artest

  • Why does rondo get accused of “pouting” …when exactly does he pout? i see the best players in the NBA, and even other players on our team pout constantly, much more then rondo…Butler, Boozer, and Ben Gordon dont”pout” actually they all do, and some of them publically
    I agree with this article, and im glad someone realizes it…Ive never seen a fanbase of a team or league criticize a great player like they do rondo, meanwhile Paul Pierce and Ray Allen both had way below average playoffs, were completly different from game to game, and dont tell me they havent pouted

  • Im a big KG fan, but he’s only in the top 10 these days based off his name, career, and peak…Hes no longer a top 10 player in the league…lets just be real

  • G4L

    Agreed.. & I think Carmello Anthony is better than Pierce at this point.

  • matt

    Paul Peirce should be in top 10 no matter what…..probably top 5! He is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Finn

    Hey TotheRuins way to keep it 100. Rondo never had a bad rap before the trade rumors then suddenly he becomes a “problem”? If that was true u would see it in his play and heard it from his teammates but they only say good things bout him.

  • Dicky

    Kevin Durant does not get NEARLY the respect he deserves on that list. Number 50?! He is easily in the top 5 players already and get ready to see him win an MVP in the next 5 years. Hopefully wearing green…