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Dickau chooses losing over winning

Dan Dickau is going to Suns camp.

Free agent guard Dan Dickau decided to pass on an invitation to the
Celtics training camp, choosing to attend Phoenix's instead. The
decision could bode well for Lester Hudson, the point guard taken by
the Celtics with the 58th pick in this summer's draft.

Ok… so maybe the headline is a little harsh since there's no guarantee he would have beaten out Hudson… or Tyronn Lue or anyone else.  I guess when you've got a mega-hot wife and your job is playing basketball… you might as well REALLY live it up in a place like Phoenix where she can walk around in practically nothing all day.  I mean… why go to a place where she has to wear sweaters?  I totally get it now.

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  • thetitleisours

    As far as I am concerned Dan can take his DickauT someplace else
    I would rather have someone who is not a good a passer but can play defense and rebound better than a basketball matadors like Dan and some of these other guys available
    If Hudson can at least not embarrass himself at the point, like Gabe Pruitt,then I hope the kid surprises. He is older so may already be mentally mature compared to other rooks

  • Dickau can play with Grant Hill – another guy who doesn’t want to win.

  • Jared

    he really doesn’t know anything about celtics pride and traditon….

  • Co-sign BigMck. Fu$& Dickau then. I’d personally rather see Lue anyway-you know exactly what you get. Dickau is real iffy.

  • NOOOOOOOOO damnit how disappointing

  • Bohemian

    when you don’t want to win you go to Phoenix (Hill, Dickau)…

  • Good
    He wasnt gonna get any playing time here regardless