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Slam Brings Up An Awful Memory For No Good Reason

For some reason unbeknown to me, Ryan Desmarais of Slam Online decided to write yet another column on Paul Pierce and the night he was nearly stabbed to death.

They (the scars) remind us of the police reports, of hearing
that Pierce was attacked by a group of men early that morning, of how
he was stabbed in the back, face, and neck a total of 11 times and had
a bottle smashed over his head. They remind us of how one of his chest
wounds was seven inches deep and punctured his lung, of how Tony Battie
carried him to a nearby hospital where he was rushed into surgery in an
attempt to save his life.

No offense Ryan, but this is a tired old storyline with little significance in 2009. Yes, this week marks the 9-year anniversary of the stabbing, but the "Pierce overcame the odds" story was relevant in 2008 when he and the Celtics finally reached the top of the mountain.

I understand we're all searching desperately for new and original ideas for our columns/blogs, but Paul Pierce has moved on and the rest of us should to.

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    He at least could’ve waited for the 10 year anniversary.

  • Joseph

    I think he just wanted to show once again how classless Boston fans were by stabbing one of their own.