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‘Sheed Takes First Duck Boat Tour


Rasheed Wallace will ride his first Duck Boat later this afternoon. He's taking part in a Read to Achieve program and then touring the city with some local school kids.

Next June, Wallace will ride the Duck Boats again in front of a few hundred thousand people as the Celtics celebrate Banner 18. Remember – it's Guaran-Sheed!

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  • It still hasn’t completely sunken in yet that I will be ROOTING for Rasheed Wallace this year. Wow. I also can’t stop thinking about this lineup on the floor: Rondo, SugarRay, P2, ‘Sheed, KG..who do you leave open when Rondo penetrates? NICE. Or…Perk, KG, ‘Sheed, ‘Quis, EHouse..WHAT!? The possibilities are endless (ok, maybe not endless..) This is gonna be fun.

  • It’s gonna be nuts to see this revamped team.