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Rondo: “I May Get Quiet or Shut Down”


Paul Forrester of has a good interview with Rajon Rondo. Here are some excerpts…

On what he improved:

[Coach] Doc [Rivers]
and I talked after the season. He wants me to become a better floor
general, a better leader. I've also been working on my shot and my
strength. I've gained about eight pounds; I'm up to like 187 now. I
came into the league at 160. But with the type of game I play, taking
the contact and the hits, hitting the floor, it's still a game of
muscle. And my body fat has improved a little bit. I'm down to like 5.1
[percent] now.



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  • Hey, that picture after my pool party was private. Damn paparazzi.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    You need to read more closely…he said five POINT one percent, not FIFTY ONE PERCENT.

  • Funny one.
    You’re banned!

  • “I’m a bit surprised by the fact that Rondo gets quiet or shuts down when things aren’t going well. That’s the behavior of a toddler”
    Why exactly do you watch the NBA then? at least rondo recognizes it…I cant think of a single star in the league who isnt a primadonna baby