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Ron Artest Already Taking Blame For Ruining Lakers


This much he's sure of — If his Los Angeles Lakers don't repeat as NBA champions, fans can point their fingers at him.

should. That's exactly what should happen if we don't repeat," the star
forward said during a visit to promote the Lakers' exhibition game
against the Denver Nuggets at the San Diego Sports Arena on Oct. 23.

won last year, and I'm the new addition. The fans expect to repeat.
Everybody in L.A. expects a second ring. And if we don't then yeah,
they should point it right at me, throwing tomatoes and everything."

Kudos to Ron Artest for accepting blame for the Lakers failed attempt at repeating even before the season starts. I'm sure there will be many reasons; Kobe Bryant's deteriorating skills, Phil Jackson's declining health, the return of Pau Gasol's softness, or the Kardashian curse on Lamar Odom.

Artest also showed us that he's no baseball fan:

"And I'm also here to say that next year I'll be trying out for the
San Diego Chargers, so I look forward to that. Hopefully I can play
some baseball. Is there a baseball team here?"

You're wearing the hat, he was told.

"I know I'm wearing the hat. I just love the SD. The logo looks great. I didn't realize there was a baseball team in San Diego."

Classic Ron-Ron.

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  • red’s soldier

    Why do you continue to post news Lakers related?

  • BigMck

    Because when there’s little Celtics news to report, we post anything NBA related that we find interesting.

  • Joseph

    I’m sure he was one of the guys chanting MVP MVP MVP for a Laker at the Boston Garden. There are no real Suckdic fans anymore. HAHAHAHA. Hibachi-style!!!