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KG Needed Staples to Re-Attach Tendons??

I just finished watching Comcast Sports Tonight and during the Celtics segment (they were talking about these comments by Ron Artest and the matchup problem he poses for Paul Pierce) Michael Felger referenced an old report about KG having staples in his knee. Say what? A quick Google search revealed this tweet from Bill Simmons last week:

1 more KG note: This wasn't a typical knee injury. They had to re-attach tendons to his kneecap with staples. @injuryexpert will back me up.

Whoa. Not sure how I missed that blockbuster claim. It sounds like a major freakin' procedure. This may explain why Garnett has yet to scrimmage.

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  • That tweet scared me to death. I think Rasheed will be playing a lot more minutes than we think. But he is a team guy so Im excited to see how he will gel with Ray, Paul and Rondo.

  • Jared

    it says an “old report”, right? i hope KG’s fine…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    This means that this was not just a “bone spur” that was ailing KG. Reattaching a tendon usually means the tendon was torn, and not torn in the middle where the repair is easier, and can heal naturally. Torn from the bone is where major surgery is required also means a longer recovery time. Surprised to just be hearing about this now. Seems very belicheckian…

  • haha

    Here we go with another excuse when the Smeltics lose again.

  • I don’t believe that – it seems to be measures to scare Celtics-Fans… and BTW they will make K.G. fit again – its more a question: Will he be 100% back or just 80, 70 …
    And for the “Loser” above: We’ll see, who laughs at the end! ;-]

  • That comment caused alot of controversy and there were questions to it’s validity.

  • Artest causes matchup problems for Pierce?
    hmmm, if you look up their career head-to-head, no not really…
    Pierce owns artest