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Welcome to the Lakers First Major Distraction


The Internet is buzzing with rumors that Lamar Odom is marrying the least attractive Kardashian sister – Khloe. (Sorry Lamar, but she's a clone of former WWE star – Chyna)

The pair have been linked for only a month, but why wait when you've found your soulmate?

had a fairly quiet off-the-court life in the NBA. He has three children
with a longtime girlfriend who I'm sure is thrilled to hear about the
lightning quick wedding.

Now the man deemed critical to a Lakers championship repeat is jumping head first into the Kardashian krazy world of paparazzi stalking and reality TV. Any chance his sure-fire divorce (six months?) will be a distraction during basketball season?

Good luck Lamar. After the jump, pictures of Khloe's hot sister – Kim.






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  • G4L


  • Danno

    That bitch is fugly.

  • G4L

    To be fair, thats a really bad picture of her. She’s not that ugly, I mean Chyna is a whole nother level.

  • Tim (FD)

    Fairly quiet off-court life??
    Outside of rumors of doing cocaine, recruiting and NCAA violations, the tragic death of his infant son and an unfortunate depression that followed (almost causing him to retire several years ago).
    Pretty quiet.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I’d bang Chyna…


    come on now,redsarmy are u guys that desperate for news,come on now

  • i would wreck that chick (kim). lamar mustve been high on pixy stix when decided to marry that crazy broad.

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    He obviously didn’t listen to Charles Barkley’s comment about dating reality TV “stars.”

  • VanMan

    Really?! It took a Playboy spread for me to believe she actually had a Vagina. Still undecided about Khloe…

  • DB

    Ah, Kim..now THAT is a woman! I’ll take a body like that, with curves, over a 10-yr old boy figure any day of the week!