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Pau Gasol haunts my dreams

RedsArmyAdmin September 21, 2009 Uncategorized 21 Comments on Pau Gasol haunts my dreams

Gasol spain

I don't like Pau Gasol.  I really don't.  That's not a comment on his basketball ability or anything like that.  It's just the mere sight of him makes me regurgitate. 

Do you blame me?

But this year, he's my basketball version of 2 girls 1 cup. 

First… he and his Lakers won the NBA title. 

Then… he makes it worse by dropping 18 and 6 on my Greek brethren in an 18 point blowout win in the Eurobasket semis.

AND THEN he leads Spain to the championship, and captures MVP honors.

AND AS IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH… now people are starting to make noise that he's a potential Hall of Famer.

Tomorrow, Pau will come over to my house and kick my dog and run off with my wife.  It's the only thing left. 

Oh… my head.  Please Celtics… we need to make this stop this season.

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  • Laker4Life

    Gasol Finals MVP 2010….huh?

  • Greenwise

    I wish Pau the best (I am Spanish) until he meets the C’s in the 2010 and we beat the Fakers 4-0 and send them home crying again 😉
    I hate Pau as a Laker, admire him when he leaves LA

  • maybe if we apply a bit of sheed to that ugly growth it will shrivel right up. what do you think?

  • zauer

    ESPN has nothing to write about i guess

  • Hrvoje

    free yourself of hate and you will find freedom

  • JD

    “Tomorrow, Pau will come over to my house and kick my dog and run off with my wife. It’s the only thing left.”
    Does this mean you found your dog?

  • Joseph

    – NBA World Champion
    – Gold Medal in the European Basketball Championship
    – MVP in the European Basketball Championship
    Didn’t you say “Gasol is satisfied with his sole NBA title and has happily reverted back to his soft ways in pivotal games.”
    A man that is the MVP and leads his country to a gold medal does not sound like he’s “reverted to his soft ways in pivotal games”.

  • Spain was the only team in the tournament with a full roster, every other team did not have most of their star players. And still they dropped two, with the risk of being eliminated after the second round.

  • PauforHall

    Oh shut the f*** up and recognize greatness when you see it, and stop making excuses.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Who is your 1 Man 1 Jar?

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    So glad to hear about Zoe, John.
    As for as Gasol, he’s a lock for the AssFace HOF. That’s about it.

  • JD

    That’s one happy ending to a frightening ordeal.

  • Lee in Oregon

    He’s a nice player, and believe me, I have nothing at all against Spain or any European player, but HALL OF FAME is a long way away for Pau. He’s a borderline all-star. He still has alot of ball to play but I seriously doubt he’s gonna ever see Springfield without a ticket.
    Glad you found your hound!

  • JDpinas

    I agree that Pau has a long way to go before he gets mentioned in the HOF thing but at the same time u can`t blame this writers talking abut Pau as a potential HOF i mean he has won a lot of MVPs in international bball. Pau has a looooooooongggggggg way to go before the HOF as a laker fan i will also say this. I respect KG(even though sometimes hes douche now a days) and if people are thinking about putting Pau up in the HOF then put KG before him cause he has had a better career than Pau.

  • Greatness of 17 NBA titles?
    Excuses like when the 2004 Fakers got owned by the Pistons despite having the best team in the league?

  • I dislike Pau Gasol too – nothing bad about his abilities but I don’t prefer his style of playing BBall – his brother Mark is much stronger, with a better more physical play – I suggest you all, that if you would trade Mark for Pau to the Lakers, he would get the HOF- Spot instead of Pau ^_° – and for the upcoming season, I hope that the Lakers will lose against the Spurs, because of the Kobes-nightmare-matchup-problem against Jefferson *ggg* and BTW: a title against the spurs would satisfy me more, because we already have beaten L.A. to much in history *ggg*

  • I don’t understand why Lakers fans waste their time trolling on this site

  • hahhaha

    How long did it take you guys to get the 17th Title?
    OH YEA over 20 + Friggin years. Where was the Smeltics before 2008?
    OH YEA somewhere of not getting into the weak Eastern Conference playoff and getting knocked out first round.
    You just got owned lmao

  • T Diggs

    He’s soft, can’t wait for Perk, KG and Sheed to prove that this year

  • Gasols a good player, I dont like him nor do I really care about his winning MVPs in the offseason